There are many things to like about October, from corn mazes to pumpkin spice everything, this certainly is a great time of year. Of course, the month culminates with Halloween. It can be a lot of fun picking out or making creative Halloween costumes, but my favorite part is seeing all the kiddos dressed up when they go trick or treating.

My favorite part as a kid was actually going trick-or-treating. It was always so exciting to see what candy I was going to get, but grown ups don’t get to knock on the door and ask for candy. We are stuck either handing out the candy or chaperoning the little ones as they go door-to-door trick-or-treating. All of that is adorable and fun too, but I still want candy.

Fortunately, there’s an ice-cream for that.

I’ve enjoyed many different types of ice-cream throughout the years, but there’s one that has always been at the top of my favorite flavors list – cookies ‘n cream. It’s hard to improve on the classic taste of crushed up Oreos in vanilla ice-cream…but it turns out that it’s entirely possible.

Baskin Robbins knows how to take any flavor and make it even better. Case in point, their Halloween take on cookies ‘n cream ice-cream, cleverly named Trick Oreo Treat.

This delicious ice-cream flavor starts with vanilla ice-cream and includes crushed up Halloween Oreos, which so far is exactly like cookies ‘n cream, but it gets even better. Baskin Robbins doesn’t stop at Oreos; there are crushed up Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy pieces in this ice-cream too. 

It’s like a bag of trick-or-treat candy mixed with ice-cream, and we didn’t even need to knock on any strangers’ doors to get it! Even better, Trick Oreo Treat can be enjoyed throughout October in a cup, cone or even a milkshake at your local Baskin Robbins.

We’re not the only ones who are excited about the return of Trick Oreo Treat ice-cream. Many people have been turning to Twitter to announce their excitement about the popular flavor and the fact that Baskin Robbins has made it the flavor of the month.

Whether Trick Oreo Treat is a flavor you look forward to every year or if you want to try it for the very first time, don’t delay too long. This is October’s flavor of the month, and next month, another flavor will come along.

What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor? If you have kids, do you eat their Halloween candy?