Being pregnant isn’t easy. It’s exciting to have a tiny life growing inside you, but it’s also very stressful and uncomfortable. Sure, it’s uncomfortable in the physical sense, like having swollen feet and a belly so big you can’t even see those swollen feet, but it’s also uncomfortable in the emotional sense. We’re not just talking about hormones.

It’s shocking how rude friends, family and complete strangers can be to pregnant women. It’s like when someone is pregnant the people around her stop thinking before speaking. Pregnant women do have crazy hormones raging inside them, and it is definitely not the time to be rude or insensitive (not that there’s ever a time for that kind of behavior).

Reddit user FaceofHoe asked the community, “Pregnant people of Reddit, what’s the rudest/most unwelcome thing someone has said to you about your pregnancy?”

The answers are sometimes relatable (unfortunately) and sometimes unbelievable. Scroll down for 13 examples of rude things people actually said to pregnant women.  If you know someone who is pregnant, please refrain from saying anything like the following examples.

  1. Very Insensitive

    Reddit user lahrinn wrote:

    Not me, but a female coworker is pregnant with her second child. Her first passed away due to unforeseen circumstances, and another coworker commented on it: “oh, I bet you’re so excited! I bet you won’t ever let THIS ONE out of your sight!” We were floored.

  2. “Are You Just Fat?”

    Shared by stone_dickson:

    While my wife was pregnant we went to a ren fest in Michigan and a man selling pickles asked her, “is it congratulations, or are you just fat?”. I wanted to laugh, but the murder in her eyes made a good argument against it.

  3. The Baby Weight

    Written by jediwife:

    I’ve had a couple wonderful comments, but the most unwelcome was “At least if you lose this baby, you can always try for a girl!” I’m currently expecting my second son.

  4. Grandma Should Know Better

    mizrodeo added:

    My husband and I announced that we were pregnant to the family this Easter. At the time I was 12 weeks along. Last October we lost our first pregnancy at 11 weeks and it was horrible! His grandmother had the nerve to respond ” well, I mean, it’s not as exciting as the first time you were pregnant but at least you’re farther along than the last”.I cried in the guest room

  5. She Put Them in Their Place

    AwkwardBurritoChick shared:

    Was pregnant with my first at age 24/25. I was shopping at a local pharmacy/convenience store in which two elder ladies started to use that “shocked” sarcastic tone between each other making sure I could hear them. The topic was “Oh what a shame it is for all these children to having children. Teenagers should just learn how to keep out of trouble!” type exchange.I realized they were talking about me, assuming I was a pregnant teenager, and I too was too bloated to wear my wedding ring. So I chimed in “Yes, It’s a shame when teenagers don’t plan their pregnancies or use birth control. I’m just glad I was smart enough and waited until I was married and in my mid-twenties to have my family”. I then checked out in a very glorious, but awkward silence.

  6. You’re Pregnant?

    Written by viciouskicks:

    A few days ago one of my patients was asking me about training and my schedule and it came up that I won’t be able to travel for away rotations because I’ll have a newborn. She asked if I had a newborn, and I reiterated that I would have a newborn in a week. She told me she didn’t think I was pregnant, just really fat, and she’d been wondering how I was going to be a good doctor if there were simple things I couldn’t do (I couldn’t bend down to the ground to put her shoes on her feet). Then she grilled me on my lack of wedding band. I haven’t been wearing my rings because they don’t fit. Because I am nearly 39 weeks pregnant. I am having a baby in a week, but I don’t look pregnant. K.

  7. Bad Choices

    kellabean wrote:

    When I was pregnant with my first, I worked at a small, local cafe that had apartments for teen moms upstairs. I look young. I regularly get id’ed. More than once someone asked if I lived upstairs. No biggie until this lady followed up the question with “oh, I assumed you where a teen mom based on your tattoos, you seem like you have made a number of bad choices.”

  8. Are They Natural?

    TheMobHasSpoken shared:

    A friend of mine had twins, and when they were babies, lots of people asked if they were “natural.” (Meaning did she conceive them the old-fashioned way, or were there infertility treatments involved.) She was always like, “No, they’re synthetic…”

  9. All Too Common

    RadicalPotato added:

    “You sure it isn’t twins” is always a winner. Right up there with the disgusted looks when I tell a stranger they cannot touch my belly. :-\

  10. Mom Has Nerve

    Shared by catnamedbear:

    It’s not really your baby because you’re on Medicaid. It’s mine because I paid for it with my taxes. – my lovely motherBy the way, I was working and also pay taxes

  11. Fatty

    im_the_gummy_bear added another example:

    When I first started announcing the news at work, an older guy that worked in a different department sat down next to me while I was eating lunch, leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Now that you’re pregnant, can I call you fatty?” yeah. That one got him fired.

  12. Praying for a Miscarriage

    Yoshemo wrote:

    I was adopted and my mom hadn’t been able to get pregnant before. When I was around 2 years old she finally managed to get pregnant! My aunt told her that she was praying to God that my mother would lose the baby because she thinks my mother wouldn’t love me as much as her biological child. Mom started crying and dad screamed at her and punched her husband in the face when he said he agreed.She miscarried.

  13. Do You Remember…

    Monsterification wrote:

    “Do you know what you’re having? Cause if you remember what position you were in when you conceived, it’ll determine the gender”.Thanks random lady in the grocery store. No, its okay, you didn’t have to say hi or introduce yourself. I’m just public property right? Everyone instantly knows me because I’m cooking something up in my uterus? That’s cool. And by the way, kind of awkward asking about my sexual experience!