Woman Reveals How She Hit ‘Babysitter Bingo’ in Rude Text Exchange With Entitled Mom

As parents, we love our kids, but we also need a break from them once in awhile. In a marriage, it is important for spouses to spend time alone together instead of all of their time being focused on the kids.

In order for parents to have a date night without the kids, they need to hire a babysitter. Often a couple will have a babysitter or two that they regularly call, but sometimes their usual babysitters may not be available. With short notice, some parents might get desperate and turn to the internet for a referral.

One mom found an ad for a babysitter online and reached out to the babysitter via text. The babysitter later shared the text exchange on Reddit saying she hit “babysitter bingo.”

The text exchange started out reasonably enough. The mom asked if the babysitter was available to babysit that night around 6pm, and the babysitter said yes. Then the babysitter asked how many children and what their ages are. The mom answered. There were 3.5 year old twins and a 2-year-old. None of the kids were potty trained.

So far, so good, but here’s where the mom shows her entitlement. The mom asks the babysitter, “What are your rates?” The babysitter responds that she’ll babysit for $15 an hour. The mom thought this rate was way too high and used multiple reasons why she thought this was too high. She compared it to what she used to make as a babysitter. She claimed it would be “easy” and the kids would be “sleeping most of the time.” She used words like “you’ll barely have to do anything.”

The babysitter laughed at the mom’s offer to pay her $8 an hour and wished her luck finding someone at that rate. Read the whole text exchange for yourself below.

One Reddit user highlighted all of the things this mom said that babysitters hear a lot.

“For those who don’t know she said a lot of things that babysitters get a lot. Reasons not to pay us.

For her it was

  • We paid our past sitters less

  • The kids are easy

  • They’re going to be sleeping anyway

  • When I was younger I took less

Rarely do I get all of these from one person.”

Reddit users agree that $8 for 3 toddlers is unreasonable.

I used to babysit here and there mostly for family friends and none of them thankfully where ever like this but knew some people who were and the biggest lie was the kids are easy thing. They are Never easy especially little ones. Even the ones I babysat were a handful sometimes because yeah they are children. Your having someone watch your kid for you so you can do something without worrying at least pay them their rate.”

Other Reddit users were appalled that that the mom was trying to get a stranger from the internet to babysit.

I think the most horrible thing is they are getting a stranger off the internet through no organization, no meet and greet nothing. Yes, please molest my child, I insist.”

Do you think $15 an hour is reasonable to babysit 3 toddlers? How much do you usually pay your babysitter?