When did you first realize that you were obsessed with the Royal Family? Was it back when you were in fifth-grade history class, learning about the British monarchy? Was it when you got a bit older and were struck by Princess Diana’s benevolent spirit? Or, did your obsession begin fairly recently, when Prince William and Duchess Kate started making the newest–and cutest!–heirs to the throne?

Whether you’ve been following this famous bloodline since you were just a wee one, or your fascination is a fairly new one, the best way to honor the Royal Family is to name your next generation after its iconic members! Here are 9 of our favorites…

  1. Anne

    Queen Anne wrapped up the Restoration era with her 1702-1714 reign. She was known as a staunch, disciplined Protestant who accomplished quite a bit in her twelve years on the throne. In fact, it was during her reign that the United Kingdom of Great Britain was first established. Impressive!

  2. Edmund

    Although Edmund II of Ironside only reigned for less than a year, he made a huge impact by leading the resistance to Canute’s invasion in 1015. The perfect moniker for your brave little guy!

  3. Elizabeth

    Who doesn’t love Queen Elizabeth I— or the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, for that matter? Both gals are known for their strength, smarts, and complete “badassery.” Don’t we want all of our little girls to inherit those qualities?

  4. Henry

    We know, we know— it’s hard NOT to think of the womanizing villain that was Henry VIII when you hear this name, but there were plenty of other Henrys in the royal bloodline that were very worthy monarchs.

  5. Mary

     A nice name for all of you Royal Family fans who also love one of the most classic names there is— or who happen to have a love for the macabre! Elizabeth I’s predecessor, Queen Mary, WAS known as “Bloody Mary,” after all. Cute and creepy!

  6. Stephen

    Full disclosure: King Stephen, who ruled between 1135-1154, was perhaps the weakest king that England has ever seen. But, poor politics aside, we think the name is a nice one!

  7. Victoria

    Queen Victoria is remembered for being one of the strongest monarchs in England’s history. She also had a versatile name that lends itself to several sweet monikers, like Vicky and Tori. Cute!

  8. Meghan

    Can you guess why we included this particular name on our list? She will never be a queen, but in just a few weeks, Meghan Markle WILL be an official member of the Royal Family!

  9. Louis

    If you’ve been keeping up with your daily Royal Family report, then you know that Prince William and Duchess Kate just gave their newest son this name. They pronounce it with a silent -s (lou-EE), but you can use it any way you’d like!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this Royal Family-inspired baby name list! Which baby name is your favorite? Would you name your kiddo after a royal? Who is your all-time favorite royal?

Source: Historic UK