People Are Roasting This Food Network Chef’s Recipe for Popcorn Salad

We have heard of lots of different ways to prepare salads. There are plenty of delicious salad recipes that involve lettuce. Then there are fruit salads and pasta salads. What we had never heard of before now was a popcorn salad.

Yes, popcorn is delicious, but we usually don’t eat it mixed with mayo, carrots and fresh greens. We like our popcorn with butter, powdered cheese or even drizzled with chocolate.

Molly Yeh thinks popcorn belongs in a salad. She is a Food Network chef, and she demonstrated her recipe for popcorn salad on TV.

Yeh seems to know that a salad that involves popcorn is pretty unusual. She explained, “See, it looks like you’re going to get a salad, but you look underneath, and you see a pile of popcorn. That is my kind of salad…This is a salad that you eat with a spoon.”

The video of Yeh preparing her popcorn salad for a party was shared on Twitter. See this very, very unusual salad for yourself in the video below.

Nobody had anything good to say about Yeh’s popcorn salad, and some viewers have pointed out that Yeh seems disgusted by the popcorn salad too but won’t admit it. Just look at the expression on her face when she tastes the salad.

Some viewers are wondering if this recipe is a joke. One Twitter user reassured everyone that Yeh really is a chef and really does have decent recipes most of the time. Who knows what happened with this popcorn recipe.

Didn’t Yeh or anyone at Food Network consider that popcorn will get soggy after soaking in mayo for who knows how long?

Would you eat a popcorn salad? Do you think Yeh just ran out of pasta or something? What’s your favorite way to eat popcorn?