15 Ridiculous Things That All Couples Fight About

Personal Question: how often do you find yourself having an argument with your guy or gal? While it’s only natural for even the most bonded pairs to argue from time to time, chances are, you are your love bicker about ridiculous things more often than you should!

From the way someone turns a steering wheel to their daily cleaning practices, it’s fair to say that, when it comes to relationships, we all aren’t as easy on our partners as we should be. Here are 15 ridiculous–and not-so-ridiculous!– things that all couples fight about…

  1. Deliberating about food choices—even after one person says they don’t care what they eat

    If you don’t want tacos just SAY you don’t want tacos!

  2. Leaving the clean dishes in the dishwasher for, like, FOREVER

    Do you live with someone who uses the dishwasher like it’s a kitchen cabinet? So frustrating!

  3. How often that cell phone comes out during a date

    Yep, texting might be a necessary part of life these days— but at the dinner table? Not so much…

  4. When one person watches a TV show first without consulting the other

    Seriously, does it get any more disrespectful than potentially exposing a mate to “Game of Thrones” spoilers? Not exactly a “ridiculous” thing, if you ask us.

  5. Staring at an attractive guy or gal for just a TAD too long

    And what exactly is a tad too long, anyway? If you don’t know—then you’ll probably tick off your partner!

  6. Hogging the bed

    Sure, cuddle time might be nice, but a good night’s rest is even nicer!

  7. Back-seat driving galore

    Be honest—do you give your mate driving unwanted “tips” when they’re at the wheel?

  8. When lovers start fighting about each other’s subconsciouses

    Here’s a pro tip: if your partner gets mad at you for something you did in a dream, it’s time for them to hit the therapist’s office–STAT!

  9. Temperature-controlled climates that are too hot or too chilly for that better half

    Does your honey set the thermostat at 65-degrees in the winter? It might be a green choice but it’ll probably insert some controversy into the relationship.

  10. Driving directions…’nuff said

    At least we can now blame getting lost on our GPS’—but it’s still more fun to blame each other…

  11. Leaving the TV on after one falls asleep

    Yep, there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to a blaring television!

  12. If the toilet paper should be over or under

    Let’s just say that couples have been fighting about this one issue since the beginning of time— or, er, toilet paper rolls.

  13. Squeezing toothpaste from the middle of the toothpaste tube

    We’re constantly surprised at the fact that so many folks don’t know how to squeeze a tube of toothpaste properly. Parents, teach your children well!

  14. When one person is “feeling fat”

    Yep, that poor partner just can’t win in that situation!

  15. Neglecting to refill the Brita pitcher

    It takes 10 seconds, people!

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this list! Do you and your partner bicker about these topics often? Do you have any other equally-ridiculous arguments you think we should add to this list? How do you keep your household “bicker-free?”