Travis McCready Is Set to Play the First Socially Distanced Concert in Arkansas

Just when we thought we’d never be able to go to a concert again, Travis McCready delivers.

The Bishop Gunn singer will be performing in Fort Smith, Arkansas on May 15, just three days before the date that music venues are slated to reopen. And no, we don’t mean virtually—he will be showing up at a real live concert at a real live music venue performing real live music!

Okay, so it won’t be exactly like how concerts were before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Everyone who attends the concert—show-goers as well as employees—will have to follow a set of social distance rules.

Below are the protocols that are being required during the concert:

  • Attendees must sit in assigned seats six feet apart from each other
  • Face masks will be required upon entry and must be worn the entire time
  • Concert goers will be required to have their temperatures taken at the door
  • Venue capacity will be capped at 229 vs. its pre-pandemic number of 1,100
  • Restrooms will be limited to 10 people
  • All soap and paper towel dispensers will be “no touch”
  • Beverages must be brought in from home or have lids
  • Employees must frequently wipe down often-used touchpoints in both the music hall and restrooms

Really, it doesn’t sound so bad! We’re sure the people attending this concert will just be glad to get out of their homes and have some social interaction and musical entertainment after not being able to for about two months.

Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased here on Ticketmaster. You can also view a map of how the seats will line up six feet apart.

What do you think about music venues beginning to reopen their doors? Would you attend a concert like this? What other types of entertainment or businesses do you think will open their doors soon?