When cooking chicken at home, if you get a little squeamish dealing with bones, you can always buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts instead. It seems like it would be all set and ready to go right out of the package. Just cook and enjoy, right? Wrong.

Have you ever bought boneless, skinless chicken breasts or cutlets? There are still weird little white bits sticking out of the meat. Ever wonder what those are? They’re tendons. Sounds just as gross as bones when you think about it, and, no, you can’t get boneless, skinless, tendonless chicken.

Thankfully, we’ve just learned a super easy hack that is a chicken cooking game-changer. After Mandy Klentz learned this hack, she just had to share it with the world, so the next time she cooked chicken for her family, she made a video to share on TikTok.

In the video, Klentz shows a crazy easy way to remove the white tendons from chicken. All you need is a fork and a paper towel (or something to help you hold onto the tendon). She puts the tendon between the tongs of the fork, using the paper towel for grip, and pulls the entire tendon out in one go!

It’s astonishing to watch. We honestly can’t believe this isn’t a trick that our grandmothers passed down to us. We’ll never cook chicken again without using this hack.

Watch the video below to see Klentz demonstrate this chicken cooking hack.

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This cooking video has gone viral with over 4 million views! That’s a lot of people who now know an easy way to remove tendons from chicken!

What’s your favorite cooking hack? Are you going to try this tendon removing trick?