Museums Are Asking People To Recreate Famous Paintings At Home

With the coronavirus outbreak causing everyone to maintain social distancing, we’re all finding ourselves with a bit more time than we usually have at home. We might spend that time baking banana bread or organizing our closets—or, perhaps, recreating famous paintings.

The latter was an idea from The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, who, in the midst of their own quarantined, decided to put forth a challenge for artists and art lovers everywhere. The idea was to post a photo of themselves recreating one of their favorite art pieces. And let us tell you—people delivered.

Some of them are spot on. Some will just make you laugh. Either way, each one is awesome in its own unique way. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite art recreations from the challenge.

  1. The Mona Lisa

    But which is the original?

  2. The Lady In A Fur Wrap

    Pure perfection.

  3. Isolation

    A perfect rendition of how we’re all feeling right about now. (Salvador Dali didn’t know what he was in for with this one.)

  4. Poor Lisa

    Rich in art skills, though.

  5. Girl With The Pearl Earring

    Or should we say the “puuuurl” earring?

  6. Kronos Devouring His Son

    Thankfully the the non-Greek mythology version isn’t as graphic!

  7. Dora Maar

    Picasso would be proud.

  8. Les Amoureux

    Social distancing in the future, basically.

  9. Caesar at the Rubicon

    Also known as Dog with Plate of Sausages, and we like that a lot better.

  10. Frida Kahlo

    With a twist…a lemony twist.

  11. Woman in Gold

    Except the current version is “Women in Biscuits.”

How awesome are some of these recreations? Be sure to search the hashtags #GettyMuseumChallenge or #ArtinQuaratine to find more of these masterpieces, or be daring and try your own!