15 People Share the Most Important Things They’ve Learned During the Pandemic

We may never have thought there would be a pandemic—but we also may not have thought that we’d learn so much from one, either. In a recent Reddit thread, people sounded off about some of the most important things they’ve learned since COVID-19 became a thing. Here are the top responses.

  1. Commutes Are the Worst

    “People are so much happier when they don’t have to waste 2-4 hours stuck in traffic. It’s amazing how much more productive happy people are!!”

  2. There Really is Never Enough Time

    “I have learned that even with endless time to do everything on my to-do list, I still am able to avoid knocking that list out. So in fact ‘if I only had more time’ wasn’t true at all.”

  3. Who Your True Relationships Are

    “That I absolutely married the right woman. Without question. I mean, I already knew. I’ve known since the day we met, actually. But if I needed any more proof, we’ve been sheltering-in-place (Northern California) since March 16. Any other person I would have probably murdered by now. We’re a bit older (54 & 64), and I have some other comorbidities. I’m COVID-bait. She’s been awesome though all this and we cohabitate REALLY well.”

  4. Entertaining Yourself is Easy

    “In the first few months of quarantine we had near-constant video chats with friends and family. My sisters especially seemed to enjoy starting random calls at almost any time. And more often than not my I would be in the middle of doing something. They were always super bored all the time but I was usually in Discord with friends or working on something around the house or running or whatever. The only time I’ve been bored was yesterday when there was a big gap between hockey games.”

  5. You Don’t REALLY Need to Be in an Office

    “There are a lot of non-essential jobs and a lot of them probably won’t be coming back.”

  6. People Have Different Productivity Windows

    “The 9-5, M-F work schedule is a scam. I took a nap from 3-5 today. I made iced tea. I got lunch with my brother. I worked all morning and I’m gonna finish up between now and 1am when I feel most productive. There’s no way I’m going back to sit in a double wide at an equipment yard with airplanes going over.”

  7. Family Makes the Workday Better

    “I really like teleworking because I get sporadic interruptions from my daughter and I get to see my wife nearly all day.”

  8. Perhaps a Job Isn’t a Priority Anymore

    “Been on furlough for months and not missed anything about it one bit. Once I thought I’d have a career, but it’s just something to pay the bills now and I’m seriously thinking about a switch in the near future to something completely different.”

  9. Or a New Job Would Be Better

    “I should have been a stay at home mom.”

  10. People’s True Colors

    “[I learned] that most of my friends, who I thought were educated, smart, and loving people, aren’t. They’re gullible, selfish, and heartless. When this all settles down, my inner circle is going to look much different.

  11. How Gross The Kitchen is

    “I should clean my kitchen sink more often.”

  12. Or How Gross Mask Burps Are

    “Belching with a mask on is a really bad idea.”

  13. People Don’t Forget

    “You can’t hide who you are during times of crisis. Unfortunately, once the crisis ends, you can’t go back to who you were pretending to be; People have seen how you responded, and aren’t likely to forget.”

  14. Seeing People is Overrated

    “That the whole distance-thing is actually quite nice – people are a lot less ‘in my space’.”

  15. It’s Actually Not So Bad

    “That I’m a hermit. Quarantine and social distancing was my regular life before Covid. This has been an okay time.”

What’s something you learned from this pandemic?