Laundry – it seems like it’s never ending. Especially if you have kids or multiple people in your household, you might feel like the laundry pile just keeps getting bigger and never gets smaller.

Even if you stay caught up on laundry and get everything washed and dried, you’re still not done. You still have to fold everything and put it away. Then, for some items, you’re still not done.

Have you ever left laundry in the dryer or the laundry basket too long? If so, you probably know what happens. The laundry gets wrinkly. Instead of running the laundry through the washer and dryer again, putting it away covered in wrinkles or getting out the iron, there’s another option. Grab some ice cubs.

There’s a TikTok hack we’ve been seeing where instead of ironing clothes that have wrinkles, you can simply use ice cubes to get the wrinkles out. All you do is put the clothes back in the dryer and add a few ice cubes. After about 10 minutes, the clothes supposedly come out wrinkle-free. See this hack in action in the video below.

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You might be thinking it sounds too good to be true. We understand being skeptical. That’s why we have another video for you that tests this hack. In the video, a man puts two wrinkled shirts in the dryer with three ice cubes. He sets the dryer for 10 minutes and then shows a before and after of what the shirts looked like. One of the shirts came out completely wrinkle free. The other shirt was almost wrinkle free. Watch this hack test for yourself in the video below.

Another TikToker who goes by @howshedoes also uses the ice cube hack to get wrinkles out of her clothes. She shared that the hack works because “the moisture from the ice melting will get all the wrinkles out.”

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Are you going to try the ice cube hack to get wrinkles out of your clothes? How do you usually get wrinkles out of your clothes?