First Portraits of Prince Louis Have Been Released

It’s finally spring, which means a lot of babies are being born, but our favorite — and most royal! — one so far is none other than Louis, AKA Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge. Yep, this adorable kiddo is set to live quite the high life— even if he does rank a paltry fifth in line for the most influential throne in the world.

But, unlucky succession stats aside, little Louis is only a little over two weeks old and is already a household name the world over, thanks to his famous family and that ultra camera-friendly baby face of his!

When we caught the first glimpses of the tiny prince, he was only about a week old, but that didn’t stop his parents, Prince William and Duchess Kate, from introducing him to his legions of fans. When they brought him out to meet the press, we were only able to see a sliver of the infant’s face, but with those chubby cheeks, rosy-pink tone, and sleepy demeanor, we could already tell that he was a doll.

Luckily for us, the Royal Family didn’t make us wait too much longer to scope out even more images of the little one. Just this week, Kensington Palace released a series of photos, shot by the Duchess herself, of the newest addition to the family.

What we love about these particular portraits is that they’re no-frills and, in fact, much more modest than the infant portrait shots that are seen on the walls of most middle-class households these days. It’s rather surprising given the unlimited access to cash and incredible photographers the Royal Family has at their disposal, but just goes to show you that this younger generation of royals seems to be dead-set on sharing, not flaunting. 

In the photos, the talented duchess, mother, and photographer captured a more awake-looking Louis than what we saw last week. We’re not too sure yet about the color of his eyes, but we’re thinking they look like a similar dark-blue to that of his sister, Princess Charlotte. Cute!

Speaking of Princess Charlotte, the adorable tot managed to almost steal the show from her little brother when she posed with the infant, giving him a sweet kiss on the forehead. We know that kids, especially toddlers, have a tendency to get jealous when new siblings come into the picture, but judging by the girl’s protective hold and her reportedly ultra-sweet disposition, we’re guessing that she’s more than happy to have another brother by her side.

Now that you know all about the unexpected backstory behind these newest royal baby photos, it’s time for you to see more! To scope out the entire set of Prince Louis’ first official portraits, be sure to watch the video below. Will this start a new trend in DIY baby pics? We hope so!

What are your thoughts on Prince Louis’ portraits? Are you surprised that Duchess Kate took them? Do you have any tips for capturing quality baby photos?