If you’ve ever considered adding a small pond to your backyard, you may have been turned off by the amount of work that it seems like would be involved. Sure, you could hire someone to do it, but that would be expensive. If you’re more of a DIYer, it probably wouldn’t be appealing either.

We’re not talking about a large pond where you could swim. We’re talking about a small pond for fish, something decorative, and a relaxing feature to add to your garden.

It turns out that it doesn’t have to be expensive or all that difficult to create a small pond in your own yard. It can be done in just a couple days with an umbrella and some cement. There are just a few simple steps to follow.

First, you need to get an umbrella in good condition and stick it upside down in another container full of dirt so that it’s very secure.

Then, mix sand and cement. Add water, and mix again.

Scoop the cement mixture inside the bottom of the umbrella and wait 24 hours for the cement to dry.

The next day, cut wire mesh to fit inside the umbrella.

Zip tie the wire to the mesh.

Cut a hole in the umbrella handle.

Mix up more cement, and add it to the umbrella so that the inside of the umbrella is completely covered with a thin coating of cement.

Arrange rocks in the middle of the umbrella, using cement to stick them together. Then wait another 24 hours for the cement to dry.

The next day, paint the dry cement and rocks inside the umbrella.

Cut off the top of the umbrella handle.

Cut the handle of a 2nd, smaller umbrella.

Put the 2nd umbrella handle inside the bigger umbrella handle.

Now it’s finally time to create your pond. Watch the video below to see this all come together for yourself and to see the finished pond with fish happily swimming around their new home.