A lot of people have gotten a little bit more friendly with the wildlife in their own backyard since the coronavirus pandemic started. If you have found yourself watching the squirrels and birds more than ever before, you’re not alone.

Some people have done more than just watch the wildlife around their homes. They have also started interacting with the animals and these interactions have motivated them to do things that are pretty awesome yet pretty bizarre.

For example, most people get upset when squirrels steal all of the food from bird feeders, but one man decided to set up a place in his backyard so that his squirrels would have a place to sit down and eat. He actually built a miniature picnic table just for the squirrels.

Another man built something a little bit unusual, but this time it was for the birds and ducks instead of the squirrels.

We all know that birds like bird baths and ducks flock to lakes and ponds. Do you ever wonder if the birds mind when it’s so cold out that the water freezes?

One man decided to build a hot tub in his snowy backyard so that the birds that lived there would have a place to warm up and float around. It seems that word travels fast in the feathered community, because there are now more birds and ducks trying to squeeze into this hot tub than would ever fit.

Watch the video below to see the birds flocking to their new local hangout.

It was actually Twitter user @indiogeek’s dad who created this duck hot tub. After receiving many questions about how he did this, @indiogeek tweeted back the answer for anyone who cares to create a duck hot tub in their own backyard.

Dad doesn’t seem to mind the additional feathered friends flocking to his backyard, that is, unless they’re turkeys.

What do you think of this hot tub for birds?