Let’s face it, potty training your child can be a total nightmare. Babies go a couple years casually doing their business in their diaper, so when you try to explain to them that all that stuff needs to now go inside a toilet—plus there’s toilet paper and hand washing to follow—you might get some confusion. And tantrums.

Parents of boys have it a bit tougher than parents of girls, however. First of all, girls tend to show interest in potty training before their male counterparts. Some girls might be ready to start learning how to use a potty as early as 18 months old, whereas most boys aren’t quite ready until they hit the two-year mark.

In addition, boys tend to have more accidents than girls do when it comes to potty training. Whereas ladies don’t always like the feeling of being dirty, boys don’t really mind walking around wet and spoiled.

However one of the biggest challenges when it comes to potty training your son is helping them aim in the toilet. Especially on the first couple of tries, boys tend to completely miss the toilet water, spraying their urine anywhere from the toilet seat to the bathroom floor to…well, on you!

If this dilemma is hitting close to home and you’re pretty sure your son isn’t going to be able to use a toilet until he’s in college, then we’ve got a solution for you.

It’s (appropriately) called the Toddler Target, and it will change the way boys are getting potty trained. It’s essentially a light that attaches to your toilet so that the boys can shoot right for it, making it into a fun way to go to the bathroom.

“Toddler Target is a potty training dream,” the company writes of their ingenious product. “No mess, no stress, easy and fun for all ages.”

The light adjusts to fit any toilet and is durable to withstand any cleaning products you use to clean your bowl. It also offers an additional nightlight feature that glows in the dark, so if you’ve got a husband with an aiming problem too, especially if he wakes up in the middle of the night and stumbled to the toilet, this definitely can’t hurt.

But really, the best part of all is that you don’t need to stand there while your son does his business. “One of the many benefits is the opportunity for your child to independently use the Toddler Target without your required supervision,” the company writes.

The Toddler Target will “keep your toilet seat pee-free,” as the company puts it, so you can quit sitting on a wet toilet seat.

As an added benefit, the tool is also great for special needs children and kids who are more visual learners.

You can find the Toddler Target on Amazon for just under $30! Buy it here.

What do you think of the Toddler Target? Are you having trouble teaching your toddler to aim? Would you use this product to help potty train your son?