7 Potty Training Tips to Help Keep You Sane

Potty training your kids isn’t an easy task by any means. It’s frustrating for parents and children alike. But these tips from Buzzfeed can help you keep your wits about you while getting your kids through the potty training phase.

Do Not Pass Sign

Photo credit: Amanda the Virtuous Wife

This can serve as a visual reminder of how much toilet paper your little one should be using. Even for the smaller ones who can’t read yet, the colorful mark will help.

Toilet Clogging Solution

If too much toilet paper ends up clogging your toiler, then just drizzle some Dawn dish soap in the bowl and slowly pour a bucket of hot water before plunging.

Make a Progress Chart

Photo credit: Reddit

Hang a progress chart in a place where your kids can easily see it. Let them put up a sticker whenever the go to the potty correctly. Then, determine a prize they can win when they get enough points.

Bed-wetting Solution

This solution will help to make bed-wetting such an annoyance. Just place a layer of puppy pads under your kids’ sheets (with another sheet underneath that). When an accident occurs, just peel of the soiled layer and toss it into the laundry. This seems like an awesome time saver, especially in the middle of the night.

Have Kids Help With Clean Up

If your child has an accident, then make sure you have them help with the clean up, whether that involves rinsing out underwear or bringing soiled clothes to the laundry. As Buzzfeed says, “The chore will often stick in their mind as a tedious activity they want to avoid.”

Pull-Up Alternative

If your little one is potty trained but has the occasional leak, then pantyliners could be a cheaper alternative to Pull-Ups or potty training pants.

Keep Car Seats Clean

During potty training, use a changing pad or a puppy pad (which is likely to be cheaper) on the car seat to avoid constant car seat clean up.

What are some of your best potty training tricks and tips?