All right, where my big-chested ladies at? People always think that just because we’ve got some meet on our upper halves means that everything is just hunky dory. Well guess what? It isn’t!

Having big boobs comes with lots of daily struggles. We have to hold our chest when we jump. Or run. Or you know, simply walk down the stairs. We can’t wear button down shirts. Your back is probably killing you. We can’t sleep on our stomachs. I mean, where’s good?

Summer is especially rough for busty ladies. Bathing suits never fit quite right and you can barely even lay down on a beach chair or relax in the pool comfortably without them attempting to choke you (or without being self conscious that someone is going to stare).

Well guess what ladies? Say no more to being uncomfortable with those tatas! Finally, the big-boob gods have answered our prayers. We can now successfully lay back and relax on a float in true comfort—like a totally normal person!

Who is the big-boob god you ask? It’s a lingerie company called Bravissimo has created a pool raft with extra space for your girlfriends (and we don’t mean the kind you talk to on the phone with every night).

The float contains a spot in the middle that’s referred to as “cup holders”—but in fact, when they say cup, they’re not talking about the kind you drink out of. A punny company indeed!

The float actually began as an April Fool’s joke, but people with big boobs wanted the float so badly that the company actually decided to turn it into a real live product—and we (and the rest of the members of the big-boob club) couldn’t be more excited.

The company is known for and clothing that caters to women with a D to L cup size, so they figured this was just the natural next step in products for woman with larger than normal breasts.

“As we hope you know, our absolute favorite thing is when we can provide something that big-boobed women want and has never been available before…so as we watched your comments stack up in our inbox, it dawned on us that we really had to give this a go!” Bravissimo wrote on their website about the product.

Though Bravissimo is located in the UK, they luckily ship to the US. The pool float will run you £25 or around $45 with shipping. It’s a small price to pay to finally be about to let it all hang out—just really comfortably and appropriately! There are also limited quantities on Amazon.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re planning to take a dip or two in the pool this summer and you usually feel restricted by your two large friends, then hurry up and snag one of these floats! You won’t regret it.

What do you think of this float made for big-busted women? Could you see yourself using it, or buying it as a gift for a friend?

Bravissimo Lilo Pool Float Pink for Women Bravissimo Lilo Pool Float Pink for Women Price: $99.99 Buy on Amazon