16 Things Only Ladies with Big Boobs Will Understand

Having big boobs is something that’s been celebrated in our culture for decades and, don’t get us wrong, there are some great aspects of being a well-endowed lady. But where there are some upsides to having a larger-than-normal chest, there are ten times more downsides that no one but busty women would ever think about.

Here are 16 problems that you’ll never understand…unless you have big boobs yourself. (In which case, here are 16 annoying but unavoidable things you just have to deal with every single day.)

1. You Will Have to Spend More On Bras

It’s not fair, but that’s the way of online shopping when you have a D cup or up.

2. Driving Can Be Straight-Up Dangerous

You have two option: painfully squishing your boobs or practically choking with the belt around your neck.

3. Jacket Seams Will Never Be Where They’re Supposed to Be

Oh, that seam ISN’T supposed to go straight across your chest? I’m sorry, this is all I’ve ever known.

4. Bending Over Becomes a Whole THING

I placed these VERY carefully in my 32FF cups – any slight movement will upset them.

5. Cooking Practically Becomes an Olympic Sport

Moving around a kitchen without knocking anything over, spilling anything on your chest, or accidentally burning yourself is a freakin’ miracle.

6. Painting Requires Constant Body Checks

Who knew you had two built-in paint brushes that you never wanted to use?


You don’t mean to knock over everything in your way, it just happens. You’re like the Hulk, just with very large boobs.

8. Backless Dresses? No, Thank You.

I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be able to wear anything without at least one bra on.

9. Laying On Your Stomach is Far From Relaxing

“Painful” is the word you’re looking for.

10. Finding Your Bra Size In-Store is Akin to Finding a Real-Life Unicorn

Stop questioning people with big boobs! They know what places carry their sizes BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO.

11. So Many Outfits Become “Inappropriate”

And people WILL feel the need to share their unwanted opinions with you about it.

12. You Simply Cannot Own a Button Down Shirt

This gap is the bane of my existence.

13. Running. That is All.

If you’re going to attempt it, it requires some serious preparation.

14. It’s Kind of Like a Treasure Trove Down There

You find all sorts of things in your large boobs! Bits of food, that hair tie you thought you lost, a gum wrapper from two days ago, you name it.

15. Fashion is Not Always Meant For Us

There are so many times when you imagine what your adorable outfit would look like if you were rocking a B cup.

16. Some Yoga Poses are Just Off-Limits

Yeah, it’ll lengthen your spine and align your chakras, but you’ll also suffocate in your bosom.