Chances are, you could use some cheering up right about. A couple of months into a global pandemic can certainly put a damper on your mood. But you know what lifts that right up? Cute animals.

There are a lot of adorable creatures on this planet, but lately, there’s one that’s been trending all over the internet, and we can’t get enough. Introducing, the poodle cat!

Usually, when we think of poodles, a dog comes to mind, but it turns out poodle cats are a thing all their own—and they’re So. Darn. Cute. And fluffy. And, well, we basically need to get one as a pet right this instant.

Like poodle dogs, poodle cats (whose real, fancy name is the “Selkirk Rex”) have that signature curly fur—something you really don’t see on many other cat breeds. Most cats have short, straight fur, but poodle cats certainly get their name because they have that poodle fur trait. Even their whiskers have some curl to them!

There are a few other types of cats with distinctive curly fur (the Devon Rex, Cornish Rex and the LaPerm), but the poodle cat has a thicker coat, so it isn’t prone to balding like the others. And the last thing we want is for our poodle cat to go bald!

The curly fur on poodle cats can be long or short-haired and in almost any color you normally see a cat—white, gray, tan, etc.

However, no animal is perfect. One slight problem that owners find with poodle cats is keeping up with their maintenance. No surprise there—anything with that much curl is going to take a while to brush! And brushed they must get much more often than other types of cats in order to maintain their curls.

One more caveat before you rush out and get your own poodle cat: They tend to shed a lot and can ramp up your allergies. Boo.

Even so, they’re so adorable, that once you see a picture of one, you’re going to want one for yourself—whether you’re a cat lover or not!

To learn more about the history of the poodle cat and see more adorable photos, check out the video below.

Are you more of a cat or dog person? Have you ever heard of a poodle cat before? What’s your favorite cute animal that always cheers you up just from looking at a picture of them?