Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Launched Their First Podcast and It Features Archie Talking

If you think 2020 was a year of change for you personally, just imagine being Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. A year ago, the couple had yet to step down as senior members of the royal family. They were living in London as if everything was perfectly fine.

A year later, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have relocated to California, cut ties with the royal family and started a new career in entertainment. They have a deal to produce content for Netflix, and they also have a deal to produce podcasts for Spotify.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently released their very first podcast which featured many celebrity guests like Tyler Perry and Elton John, but the most exciting special guest was their son Archie.

Until this podcast, we had yet to hear Prince Archie’s voice, and, spoiler alert, it’s as adorable as we imagined.

During the podcast, Meghan asks her son, “Archie, is it fun?” Then Archie can be heard repeating the word “fun.”

Prompted by his parents, Archie also wishes listeners a happy new year. First, Harry says, “After me. Ready? Happy…” and Archie repeats the word “happy.” Then, Meghan says, “new” and Archie repeats “new” followed by “year.”

Watch the video below to hear baby Archie’s adorable voice for yourself.

Viewers love Archie’s voice and are wishing him a happy new year as well. One comment reads, “Thank you Archie, and happy new year to you too -and to your parents.”

Another viewer commented, “That was so precious! You can see that baby Archie is a well-loved and cared for baby boy!!”

As far as whether or not Archie has a British or American accent, it seems that many viewers are confident that they heard a British accent like Archie’s father. One comment reads, “That is clearly a British accent!” 

Do you think Prince Archie has a British accent? Do you think future podcasts should include more of Archie’s voice?