It’s December, which means that we no longer have to wonder if it is too early to put up the Christmas tree or sing Christmas carols. We’ve been in the holiday spirit for awhile now, but the festive TV specials we’ve been waiting for are finally here to leave us feeling even more merry than we did before.

In case you missed it, “The Disney Holiday Singalong” aired on ABC Monday night, and it was the perfect mix of family-friendly fun and music. Not only did stars like Michael Buble and Ciara perform, but they even had their children share the spotlight with them.

Of all the talented artists that performed, the standout performance had to be Pink’s duet with her 9-year-old daughter, Willow. The pair stood side by side swaying to the music as they took turns singing the lines to the song “The Christmas Song.”

Willow looks a lot like a miniature version of her mother. She sported a buzz cut and a stunning dress fit for a princess. Meanwhile, Pink wore a crimson dress with a metallic sheen.

While the mother and daughter look alike, what shouldn’t surprise us is that they also sound a lot a like, and we mean a lot alike. Willow definitely inherited her mother’s vocal talent.

Watch the video below to hear Willow’s voice for yourself and to learn more about the other celebrities that performed in “The Disney Holiday Singalong.”

Viewers are amazing at Willow’s incredible talent. One comment reads, “Got it from her mama! These moments are everything!”

Another viewer wrote, “I remember when Willow sang a million dreams on the greatest showman soundtrack. But now her voice is even stronger.”

We can only imagine how proud Pink and hubby Carey Hart must be of their daughter. We’re sure she has an incredible singing career in her future.

Pink’s 3-year-old son Jameson joined his mom and sister on stage at the end of the duet, but he did not join in the singing. He simply waved to the camera. We have yet to know if he has inherited his mom’s talent as well.

Does it surprise you that Pink has such a talented daughter? Did you watch “The Disney Holiday Singalong” on Monday night? If so, what was your favorite performance?