There are different ways to go about organizing a pantry. Some people like to have their pantries more organized than others, and honestly, the organization approach is probably going to differ depending on the size of your pantry and the needs of your family. For example, if you have children, you might want to keep snacks where your kids can reach them, or you might prefer to keep them out of reach so they won’t be snacking all day.

Kim Kardashian likes to keep her pantry very organized. We could call it minimalistic, but it’s so huge the same number of items in our own pantry would look pretty cluttered.

Kardashian reorganized her pantry back in 2020, and pictures of the inside of the pantry were shared on both Instagram and the Poosh website. The pictures show white walls, white shelves, white dishes, and very organized containers holding snacks. There is also a very large refrigerator, actually, what looks like two refrigerators side by side with glass doors so you can easily see what’s inside. We see a variety of beverages including juice and Silk almond milk.


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Some people criticized Kardashian’s pantry wondering why she has so much “junk food” such as Goldfish crackers. Others wondered where she keeps her actual food because there wasn’t really anything in that pantry that could be made into a healthy meal.

Due to the questions from fans and followers, Kardashian posted a video on Instagram explaining that the refrigerator in her pantry is just her “drink fridge.” Then she left the pantry and walked down a hallway to her kitchen where she revealed a walk-in refrigerator which she explained is where her family keeps “fresh, organic produce.” She added that they’re adding trees on their property so they can grow organic produce on-site.

Do you think it’s weird to have a “drink fridge” and a separate refrigerator where you keep fresh ingredients? What do you think of the inside of Kardashian’s pantry? Do you like the sparse look? What do you keep in your pantry?