When your pantry is cluttered, you tend to feel cluttered, too. If things are falling from the shelves and you can’t find a regular old box of pasta…you may have a problem. But no matter the current state or size of your pantry, there’s always a way to fix it! Check out these 17 organization hacks and get inspired to take your pantry into your own hands!


  1. Vertical Shelves

    Vertical Shelves Edited 2HGTV

    Utilize vertical shelves or tension rods to keep cutting boards and cookie sheets neatly in place.

  2. Pull-Out Wire Baskets

    Wire Baskets 2HGTV

    For storage that tucks away when you need it to, these pull-out baskets are just the thing!

  3. Magazine Rack

    Magazine Rack Potatoes 2The Wand Makers Mother

    Storing potatoes is always a challenge. Use an old magazine rack to keep them organized and out of the way.

  4. Hanging Office Clips

    Office Clips 2Everyday Home Blog

    To keep chips fresh and clutter-free, use office clips to keep bags closed. If you have wire shelving, hang the clips for extra organization!

  5. Spice Rack on Door

    Spice Rack Door 2Everyday Home Blog

    The back of your pantry door is an open space to be used! Install a spice rack and really utilize that space.

  6. Laundry Bags

    Laundry BagsEveryday Home Blog

    Dollar store laundry bags make great storage for onions and garlic. They’re easy to hang from the pantry wall, too.

  7. Plastic Wall Pockets

    Wall PocketEveryday Home Blog

    Remember these little wall pockets you used for your shoes when you were a kid? Use them now to keep your pantry organized!

  8. Pot Lid Storage

    Pot Lid StorageEveryday Home Blog

    Pot lids can get cluttered fast. Use this minimized shelving on the pantry wall or door to keep them in order.

  9. Rolling Crates

    Wheel CratesI Heart Organizing

    Similar to the pull-out baskets, putting some casters on crates makes for storage that can disappear at a moments notice!

  10. Under Shelf Storage

    Under Shelf RacksBetter Home and Gardens

    This is really creative. Take wire shelves and drill them UNDER your regular shelving for a quick, cheap space expansion!

  11. Pencil Holder Shelves

    Pencil Holder ShelvesDomestic Imperfection

    To utilize every inch of wall space, even the smaller strips of wall, use small containers (like these pencil holders) to hold smaller pantry items.

  12. Plastic Bulk Bins

    Costco BinsSand and Sisal

    These are Costco bins! Brilliant. Easy to get a hold of, these value bulk bins make for great food storage when you’re done with them.

  13. Wire Door Shelves

    Wire RacksI Heart Organizing

    For some extra space that’s discreet, screw some wire shelves into the inside of the pantry door.

  14. Gum Ball Dispensers

    Gum Ball StorageClassy Clutter

    Adorable! These gum ball dispensers are a cute way to organize your food and keep things like cereal fresh!

  15. Chalkboard Labels

    Chalkboard LabelsHoney I'm Home

    These trendy chalkboard labels are pretty easy to come by and make for great, erasable labels to keep everything in order.

  16. Trash Bag Rolls

    Trash Bag RollsSimply Orgnaized

    Granted, this isn’t pictured in a pantry. However, it’s a great hack to keep messy garbage bags in line and could easily be done in your pantry, too!

  17. DIY “Wallpaper”

    Pantry Org FI EditedHome Stories A to Z

    Looking to just liven up your boring pantry? This “wallpaper” isn’t permanent! It’s mod-podged fabric on contact paper and can easily be removed whenever you want a change!


Do you have any tips for organizing your pantry? Share them in the comments section below!