There are so many different types of art in the world, and what appeals to you may not appeal to someone else. Personally, we enjoy perusing art museums and galleries, finding pieces that we adore, finding other pieces that we don’t quite understand, and regardless, always walking away with a new appreciation for the work.

While we (like most people) visit art museums to look at the art, Stefan Draschan visits art museums to look at the people who are looking at the art. It might sound creepy, but it’s actually an art form in and of itself.

You see, Draschan has learned to be patient, very patient. He patiently waits in art museums and watches countless people walk up to and look at various paintings and sculptures. What he’s found to be true is that if he’s patient long enough, eventually someone will walk up to a piece of art, and that someone will somehow match the artwork.

People can match artwork in various ways. It could be that their clothing is the same color or has a very similar pattern to the painting. It could be that their hair cascades in a way that reminds Draschan of the paint. It could be that they look very similar to a nearby sculpture or are wearing at hat that looks like it was plucked right out of a picture.

When Draschan sees the perfect match between observer and artwork, he snaps a picture, creating his own form of artwork. It’s easy to think that his pictures are staged, but they really aren’t. He just waits and waits for the right moment.

We could ramble on and on about how Draschan’s unusual form or art is simply amazing, but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ll let Draschan’s pictures do the talking for us. Here are 19 of our favorites.

  1. Like a Statue

    Do you think she was the sculptor’s original model?

  2. Double Color Matching

    His shirt matches the painting on the right, and her shirt matching the painting on the left – incredible!

  3. A Swirl of Hair

    Her hair blends in so well.

  4. Beard Matching

    Do you think he thinks he’s looking in a mirror?

  5. Hair Like the Sky

    We’ll call this sunrise hair, or perhaps sunset hair.

  6. Matching Shirt

    The pictures looks like an extension of her shirt.

  7. Everything Matches

    This is spot on.

  8. So Similar

    It really is amazing that this isn’t staged. Do you think these people have any idea how much they look like these pictures?

  9. Matching Dogs

    It’s all about the dog.

  10. Perfect Blend

    Of course she’s taking a picture. She’s basically wearing the painting, so she most love it.

  11. Perfect Angle

    The tilt of the head makes the colors line up perfectly.

  12. Matching Stance

    Matching contemplation.

  13. Similar Pictures

    Wow. We mean, he has to know he matches, right?

  14. The Real People Blend In

    It honestly took us a few minutes to find the real people in this picture.

  15. Same Colors

    A perfect match.

  16. Sunflowers

    She must love sunflowers.

  17. Scarf

    That scarf though!

  18. Stripes

    She basically blends in.

  19. Hat and Shirt

    So similar!

Which one of these photos is your favorite?