In light of the current coronavirus outbreak, hundreds of businesses are having to shut down to avoid too many people in one space. First, it was the big ones—you know, Disneyworld, the NBA—places where large crowds gather. Additionally, people were forced to or chose to self-quarantine.

As the outbreak continued, the recommendations for gatherings have become smaller and smaller, leaving everything from restaurants to retail shops (the “non-essential” places) having to temporarily shut their doors.

One of those types of businesses that are not open right now are places such as zoos and aquariums. Let’s face it, no one is really prioritizing petting the zebras or feeding the giraffes when more and more diagnoses and deaths go up each day, and it would be unsafe to be in such close quarters with other people.

Not only is this sad for the zookeepers who are losing business, but it’s also unfair to the animals. What happens to them during such an unknown time?

Don’t worry, animal lovers. The Chicago Aquarium recently put a smile on everyone’s faces during such a somber time when they released the penguins to walk around the aquarium as if they were guests and check out all of the exhibits.

While new information is always coming out about coronavirus, we do know that animals are not at risk. So why make them suffer and keep them in isolation? Answer: We shouldn’t.

A video of the penguins waddling throughout the exhibits has gone viral. The penguins roamed around the aquarium, taking in all the exhibits, and it’s truly heartwarming to see in such a dark time. We just wish we could join them!

Check out the adorable video of penguins roaming around the aquarium below.

What do you think of this video amid the coronavirus outbreak?