Let’s just admit it. Men can sometimes be bad at picking out Christmas presents (or any presents at all ) for their wives. Just me? No, that’s not true. Did you see the latest Peloton ad?

In case you haven’t, Peloton is a stationary exercise bike, and it’s a pretty pricey one at that, costing over $2000. That’s kind of a big ticket Christmas present, but perhaps if your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, well, that might be the perfect gift.

Recently, Peloton released a holiday ad where a man gives his wife a Peloton for Christmas. The ad starts when she sees the bike on Christmas morning. She seems excited about it, but note, she doesn’t look like she needs to lose any weight.

The ad continues as the woman vlogs about riding the Peloton bike. She seems nervous about it at first, and sometimes she doesn’t want to get up early in the morning to ride it, but she does anyway. At the end of the ad, the woman and her husband sit down on the couch and watch the edited together vlog of her year riding the Peloton.

Just describing it doesn’t really do the ad justice. You have to see how thin the woman is for yourself, and be sure to pay attention to her facial expressions. You can watch the ad below.

There has been a lot of negative criticism about this ad. People are commenting about how thin the woman is and how an exercise bike is a really insensitive gift. Here’s just one example.

For more on this controversy, watch the video below.


It sounds like Peloton had good intentions with the ad, but they clearly missed the mark.

Would you want a Peloton for Christmas? What’s the weirdest Christmas present you ever got?