New ‘Peanut Butter Nails’ Trend Has a Lot of People Scratching Their Heads

Getting your nails done is arguably one of life’s greatest pleasures for a woman. You can just sit and relax while someone else carefully paints and polishes your nails, knowing any ding or dent will be fixed without a hassle.

However, it used to be that you simply picked a color and got your manicure. Now, there are all sorts of bizarre nail trends—from “teeth nails” to “ultrasound nails” and more.

Lately, people are losing their minds over something called “peanut butter nails”—which is exactly what it sounds like. Doing your nails using your favorite sticky snack food instead of actual polish!

At first, it sounds pretty odd. Why would you ever want to use food to paint your nails? Logistically, is that even sanitary? How does it all work?

The trend was first spotted on @ilysmnails’s TikTok account, which highlights its fair share of unusual nail designs.

The video shows a woman placing a large dollop of peanut butter onto her thumb ail before adding a piece of acrylic on top of it, squishing down the nutty goodness. When the acrylic is added, the excess peanut butter squeezes out from under it, so the next step is to scrape it away with a spoon. Next: You add MORE peanut butter by dipping your nail into the jar to fill in the underside.

Take a look at the end result in the video below!

@ilysmnailsSmooth Peanut 🥜 Butter 🧈 Nail 💅🏽 ##nails ##nailtutorial ##acrylicnails ##beautyhacks♬ Dougie x Breakfast x Chosen – Kuya Magik

Honestly, at the end, the nail just looks like a nice neutral color—one that exists in your standard lineup of nail polishes. So our question is: Is using peanut butter in the process really all that necessary? Or can you simply find that tan color at your local health and beauty store?

Though the video got hundreds of thousands of likes, people in the comment section are kind of grossed out by the whole thing.

“All fun and games until it’s moldy,” someone wrote.

“Rats at night *starts chewing off fingers…” another person joked.

“I don’t understand why people use food doesn’t it smell bad afterwards?” someone else questions.

“The ants,” another person wrote.

“I think they took the whole ‘saving your food for later thing’ a bit too far,” wrote another spectator.

What do you think of this latest nail trend? What’s your favorite way to do your nails?