Moms-To-Be Are Now Using Their Sonograms To Create One-Of-A-Kind Nail Art

Over the years, we’ve supplied you with plenty of awesome (and plenty of wacky!) manicure inspiration–from 10-minute French manicure perfection to incredibly funky and chic nail trends! That said, we’re pretty sure we just discovered one of the most unique manicure fads we have seen in a very long time. It’s called “Ultrasound Nails,” and, as you’ve likely picked up from the picture above, it is meant to pay tribute to all of the soon-to-be-born babes of this world.

According to the Independent UK, the designs were first created by Sarah Clarke, a nail artist with SARenity Hair and Beauty in Stockton-on-Tees, England. Since posting the one-of-a-kind nail art to her Facebook account in the spring, Clarke has swiftly received viral adoration for her ultrasound-themed manicure.

The shots, which feature client Stacey Donaldson’s ultrasound scan alongside her gorgeous ultrasound nails, were, unsurprisingly, immediately copied by pregnant mommas and nail artists the world over. And, people are beginning to make some really creative aesthetic variations on the original theme.

A client of nail artist @leeleebrown showed off her super pink and frilly claws in this awesome shot. This ultrasound manicure takes it to a completely different level. Just look at those adorable, tiny, pink footprints…

And, just when we didn’t think this nail trend could get any cooler, we set our eyes on THESE bejeweled ultrasound nails…

This soon-to-be-mom better enjoy those long nails while she’s still pregnant because, pretty soon, she’ll be using her fingers to wipe up poop and spit up. Fake nails aren’t necessarily conducive to the lifestyles of new moms!

So, we know what you are probably thinking right now: How does this magical nail sorcery work?!

Lucky for us, the original nail artist herself revealed some of her trade secrets in an interview with Pretty 52“I created that nail with firstly applying the acrylic nail and painted the picture by copying her scan picture using paint and a fine brush,” Clarke explained. 

“It has proven to be very popular with existing clients and people from all over requesting it also. I have now got quite a few people booked in for these including a few people who have lost their babies and want it for an occasion,” the nail artist continued.

According to Clarke, the very special manicure will set you back roughly £40, or 52 bucks. It’s a bit of a lofty pricey to pay for a manicure, but it certainly isn’t your average one!

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this awesome, new nail trend. Do you like ultrasound nails? Are you pregnant right now? If so, do you plan to get one of these manicures done?