Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have been having to endure distance learning with their kids since March. Sure, they may have gotten a break over the summer, but now that they’re back to it, it’s more of a struggle than ever.

Parents everywhere are turning to—where else—social media to vent about the true struggles that are having your kids at home while also attending school remotely. If you’re a parent enduring the same, these posts are going to be super relatable.

  1. There Are Way Too Many Communication Channels

    Distance learning from r/memes

    I’m so lost.

  2. The Chores Are Piling Up

    I need 18 more hands.

  3. Getting Ready in the Morning is a Lost Cause

    Just nope.

  4. You Honestly Feel Kinda Stupid

    Long division who?

  5. The Kids Aren’t “Distant” Enough

    They’re just…home! All the time!

  6. Technology is Not Your Strong Suit

    Back in my day this wouldn’t have even been possible!

  7. You Realize The Teacher Has Been Lying

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    Way too funny! 😂🤣

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    Why didn’t you ever give my kid detention? What’s wrong with you?

  8. Multiple Kids? Forget About it

    Nope, nope and nope.

  9. They’re Way Too Reliant On You

    Why do you think I know the answer?

  10. Your Kids Wear the Same Clothes Everyday

    It’s called a uniform.

  11. You Wear ALL The Hats

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    This will be fine. @outofcontrolparental #outofcontrolparental

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    And you’re not super okay with it.

  12. Alcohol is Necessary

    All the wine.

  13. You Realize You NEVER Get a Break

    Snow used to mean FUN.

  14. You’re Always Learning Too


  15. You Had High Expectations

    But they failed you.

  16. You Need Alexa to Take This One

    Well, she can do everything else, can’t she?

  17. You SWEAR You’re Teaching

    Well, you’re teaching them that breaks are good. Breaks are necessary.

Are you home with your kids while they’re distance learning? What’s your biggest struggle?