10 Paper Clip Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Should a shortage hit the globe, what is one everyday object that you think people might miss? Sure, your list is probably long with suggestions like toilet paper, socks, or toothbrushes, but how about in the category of office supplies?

Let us help. We’re going to celebrate the existence of paper clips. Actually, we’re exalting them with the help of Household Hacker and his penchant for turning mundane objects into something more. So far, you’ve probably fiddled with paper clips to make bendy shapes, chains, or money clips.

As you’ll see in this video, you can expand your usage of this versatile office staple (see what we did there?) to pull off some handy tricks around the house. Scroll down to see a handful of them and watch the clip after the jump.

  1. Camera Blocker

    Are you suspicious about someone conducting covert activities through your web cam? Put a blocker on it! Bend a paper clip into a chair shape and wrap some dark tape around its front. Clip it to your computer monitor over the camera lens for a makeshift security system. Great for kids’ devices too!

  2. Suitcase “Lock”

    Since we’re on the topic of suspicious activities, let’s talk about protecting your luggage. In a pinch, you can bind your suitcase zippers together to deter prying fingers from going into your belongings.

    Just feed the clip’s end through the double zipper holes to link them together. Crafty thieves won’t be able to do a quick slip of the hand through your stuff when you place this obstacle in their path.

  3. Cord Wrap

    Bring the talents of two office products together for one mission: cord securing. Grab a rubber band and knot one end through the middle of a paper clip. Fold up your cords and wrap your clip-band duo around, hooking the other end of the rubber band into the paper clip.

  4. Tape Stopper

    I need this. You know how annoying it is to lose the edge of a roll of tape. You spin and scrape, and then tear it into uneven pieces. Ugh! Sometimes you forget to fold the edge over to save your place when you’re working on something. And sometimes, you’re just a victim who uses it after the last person.

    It happens. To make things easier, stick a paper clip on the tape’s end as a placeholder. Simply place it right under where you are going to cut on the sticky side. Problem solved and you can move it as you need to!

Stay tuned to see more of Household Hacker’s ideas and for detailed instructions on these tips. And check out the heart-shaped hack that you might dig enough to put it to good use for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re all out of paper clips, go grab some from your nearest discount store. Please don’t get yourself into trouble by raiding the company supply closet for personal use. Please.

What do you think of these paper clip tricks? Which of these have you already been using? Can you come up with more?