9 Problems You Didn’t Realize Tape Could Solve

You might think of tape as the sticky office supply you send your kids to school with and maybe occasionally use to fix a tear in paperwork. But you probably never thought that humble roll of tape could fix some of your most annoying day-to-day problems.

Tricky bracelet you can’t get on by yourself? Tons of lint on your favorite black t-shirt? As it turns out, tape is your go-to solution!

Here are 9 surprising problems you can solve with some simple tape:

1. Measure a Screw

Tape marker for screw.ThaiTrick
When you need to clear a hole in a wall for a screw, you’re sometimes playing a game of chance. You could easily make the hole too deep or not deep enough – unless you measure and mark just the right length with a piece of tape.

Put your screw up against a drill bit, then put a piece of tape around where the screw ends. Using a thicker duct tape and something brightly colored is especially helpful.

Screw into the wall right up until you get to the tape marker, and you’ll have the perfect hole!

2. Tricky Bracelet Clasp

Trying to clasp bracelet.ThaiTrick
How annoying is it when you’re trying to get a bracelet on, but you can’t hold one end while also hooking the clasp? It’s one of the most irritating parts of getting ready solo!

All you need to do is tape down one end to your arm, grab the clasp, and hook the bracelet with no struggle.

3. Level Off Flour

Leveling a spoon of flour.ThaiTrick
Scooping flour or baking powder for cooking often leaves you with a towering mound that’s far too big. If you need a quick way to level off a tablespoon of any dry ingredient, but a length of tape across the opening of your container. Scrape the scoop with the edge of the tape so that it’s completely even.

4. Impromptu Lint Roller

Tape lint roller.ThaiTrick
Few things distract from a cute black dress, top, or pair of pants than fuzzy, lint, or dog hair. For a super quick fix, wrap a piece of packaging tape around your finger, sticky-side out. Go to town with the tape, pressing it on the lint and pulling it away to reveal fuzz-free clothing!

5. Fix Frayed Laces

Frayed shoelace with whole shoelace.ThaiTrick
It’s hard to lace up your sneakers if the plastic tip is gone and you’re left with frayed fabric. To tighten up the end of the lace, wrap a piece of clear tape around the frayed end, and it’ll slide into any eyelet easily.

6. The Perfect Seat Adjustment

Adjusting car seat.ThaiTrick
When someone else drives your car, one of the most annoying things is that they mess up your perfect seat adjustment. For the next time your ideal placement gets messed up, put a triangular piece of tape at the base of the seat and another triangular piece on the seat.

No matter how off the placement gets, you’ll always know exactly where to put it back to.

7. Make Fun Nail Art

Pulling tape off nail.ThaiTrick
If you’re anything like us, you see cool geometric nail art on Pinterest and wish you were that skilled with nail polish. Well, you don’t have to be to get gorgeous tips! Using strategic pieces of clear tape can help you make some angular, edgy nail art.

8. Store Emergency Screws

Taping screws together.ThaiTrick
Want to keep some nails and screws in a junk drawer or purse safely? Lay out a piece of packing tape, put the hardware you want on hand onto the sticky side of the tape, and then fold it up into a neat package. Slip it into your bag for an on-the-go emergency kit.

9. Homemade Labels

Homemade stickers on tape.ThaiTrick
Yes, you can make your own labels with clear packing tape and some printed images! You’re going to have to watch the video below to get the tutorial, but they will walk you through the process step-by-step. In the end, you’ll be able to personalize any passion project for next to nothing.

Do you use tape in a creative way? Make sure to share your thoughts on these hacks and your own with us.