Parents Share Their Most Epic Fails, and Other Parents Are Nodding Guiltily

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding things in the world. You created a human and are attending to make that human into the best version of themselves they can be. What could go wrong?

Well, if we’re answering honestly: Everything. If a Mom or Dad ever tells you they never failed in the parenting department, they’re lying. We promise.

Sometimes all it takes to share the trials and tribulations you’ve experienced as a parent is for another parent to admit defeat. Hearing about other parenting fails can sometimes make it easier to confess your own.

Without further ado, check out these parenting fails that other parents can probably relate to. No one’s judging here—no one ever said raising a human would be easy!

  1. Attack of the sunflower seeds

    Ever wonder what happens when a mom spits sunflower seeds out the car window? ⬆️

  2. Potty problems

    When you turn around just for a moment at a furniture store…

  3. Car wash

    “Ready for a car wash, kids?” YEAH!” *two minutes later.* “NOOOOOOO!”

  4. Tiny hands

    Wait a second, those aren’t…dang it.

  5. Casual day at the zoo

    Someone came up to this mom and told her, “Ma’am, there’s a lemur on your baby.” At least it was a friendly lemur.

  6. Amusement parks

    The parent’s intentions for her son to have a good time at Disney were good at least.

  7. Nail polish on point

    This child will be a manicurist one day, don’tchya think?

  8. Family photo time

    Gotta hate when that happens.

  9. Bloody nose? No problem.

    It was all the parent had on hand…

  10. Swing fail

    That whole “eyes in the back of your head” thing? Nonsense.

  11. Getting in the makeup drawer

    Just playing up her girly instincts.

  12. Experienced travelers

    What do you expect on a nine-hour flight?

  13. A future baker

    You turned around for one second and they found your flour stash.

  14. Potty training

    …in real life.

  15. A little sandy

    You can only catch a baby falling headfirst into the sand so many times…

  16. When they catch you relaxing

    This mum is my spirit animal.

  17. Condiment problems

    Is there a better solution after you drop ketchup on your child’s face? We think not.

Your turn! Tell us (or show us) some of your biggest parenting fails. We don’t judge—promise!