Does the sight of your disorganized closet give you anxiety? I think that it’s safe to say that most people’s closets are not in tip-top shape at any given moment. Luckily, we’ve got some great organizational tips for you today via Kathryn from DoItOnaDime. Get ready to break out those trash bags and hangers! Your journey to a beautiful closet starts now.

  1. Create piles

    donate toss fixDoItOnaDime

    Organize your unwanted/unsalvageable/questionable stuff into three categories— “donate,” “toss,” or “fix.” The key here is to be honest as to whether or not these items are still useful to you. The question that I like to ask myself is: Have I worn this dress in the past six months? If not, I usually donate it.

    If I have a pair of shoes that I absolutely cannot live without but the caps on the heels are worn, I drop them in the “fix” pile.

    As for the “toss” pile, we all know that we are guilty of holding onto possessions that literally have no use to anyone anymore. If there’s no reason for anyone to want your old, torn up baby blanket, it may be time to let go. Give it a kiss goodbye, and drop it in the garbage. I swear you’ll feel better!

  2. Work in a circle

    closet organizationDoItOnaDime

    Our host Kathryn shows us that working in a circle—along the inside perimeter of your closet—is the fastest and most effective way to ensure that nothing is left to the wayside. If you have a non-walk-in, like a sliding door closet, then we suggest starting from the hangers and moving back towards the walls.

    It’s also important to note that speed can play a big part in organization. Of course you won’t want to rush—focus is key. Nonetheless, if you saunter around with high school jeans in hand, you may start making decisions that lean towards the sentimental end.

    Like we said, if you haven’t worn it in years, it has no place in your closet! As our host remarks, “Don’t let something that you used to love hold you back.”

  3. Create “half-way homes” for your clothes

    clothing half-way houseDoItOnaDime

    Hey, we are not going to debate the fact that parting with certain items can be heart-wrenching. For some reason I’ve been holding onto a scratchy purple scarf that I bought years ago that I never wear.

    If you have one (or ten!) of these hard-to-get-rid-of pieces, then throw it in a plastic container that can be easily tucked away in your closet. Take a look at these articles of clothing every few months or so. Sometimes it’s less overwhelming to purge slowly.

Don’t feel sad about getting rid of the things that you have parted with! Kathryn sums up what it feels like to reap the fruit of your labor when she says, “When you get rid of stuff like this, the amazing pieces of your wardrobe start to stand out more because the clutter isn’t distracting them.”

Watch the video below for more helpful advice regarding selling and donating your clothes to worthy organizations.

Do you have any unique tips for organizing closets? What’s the item in your wardrobe that you could never part with? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!