So you’ve just finished a juicy, delicious orange – don’t go to throw those peels away! While the orange peel is usually just the tough barrier to the yummy citrus waiting inside, this rind can do some much more than you would anticipate. Especially for your cleaning routine! That’s right, you can make your own, homemade cleaning product using the delectable scent of oranges, all from the orange peels. And you thought they were just for the compost pile! Watch the video below from the One Pot Chef to learn how you can make this DIY cleaner and upcycle your orange peels in the most environmentally conscious way.

For something that costs virtually nothing, this household cleaner really does it all. The product cleans and disinfects stove tops, stainless steel appliances, wooden cutting boards, counter tops, and sinks.

And not only does it gently clean, but it leaves behind the amazing smell of orange oils! A kitchen that’s clean AND smells amazing? That’s the dream, friends.

It’s simple to make, as simple as letting orange peels soak in vinegar, and only requires a few ingredients that you probably have at home right now! This is also an environmentally sound recipe and is safe to use around kids and pets, so no need to worry about harsh chemicals.

The base of this cleaner is, of course, the vinegar. As we all know, vinegar can do just about anything around the house; it’s great for cleaning glass, disinfecting surfaces, cleaning appliances, and nixing bad odors.

As the orange peel soaks in the vinegar for two weeks, the vinegar sucks out all the orange oils from the peels, infusing them into the vinegar itself. Orange oils are great for all-natural cleaning and whitening (ever put orange peels on your teeth?), and also brings a pleasant scent to the cleaner.

What do you think of the homemade orange peel cleaner? Will you be making this DIY cleaning product for your home? We know we will! Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Orange Oil Household Cleaner


  • Orange peel

  • Vinegar

  • Jam jar
  • Spray bottle

  • Water
  • Instructions

    1. Place the peel of one orange in a jam jar.
    2. Fill the jar with vinegar. Cap the jar and let it sit for two weeks.
    3. After two weeks, pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. Add the same amount in water to dilute it.