As coronavirus continues to spread and the world all hunkers down in our homes, airlines are continuing to lose business. At this point, they’re lucky if they can even get one person on their flights.

Yes, one person.

You wouldn’t think a flight would make the trip for just one person, but alas, times are weird, and that’s just what happened for a woman named Sheryl Pardo on March 27.

Pardo, of course, wasn’t going to fly in the middle of a pandemic unless it was absolutely necessary—but it was. This was the last time she was going to be able to see her dying mother.

As anxious as she was to be in an airport, when she got there and realized there were fewer people there than in a grocery store, her fears began to subside. And then when she realized she was the only person, with the exception of the pilot and flight attendants, knew she was in safe hands.

One they understood that Sheryl wasn’t flying from Washington DC to Boston for any fun reason, the flight attendants decided to make what could’ve been a dire experience pleasant for her.

“And we have Sheryl as our passenger today, living it up in first class, mama,” one of the flight attendants said over the loud speaker on the flight. “Everybody shout out to Sheryl, the only passenger on the plane.”

“The flight attendants were so great … and it was kind of fun,” Sheryl said. “I was obviously anxious about seeing my mom for the last time, so it was kind of awesome to just laugh.”

It just goes to show how an understanding person can really make someone’s day.

“I think in moments like this the pain of losing your mom is exacerbated by being in this frightening time. Other people’s kindness is what’s going to get us to through this,” Sheryl said. “Other people’s kindness is what’s going to get us to through this. “I want them to know how much it meant to me. It was super positive, which I didn’t expect from that trip.”

To see clips of how the flight went with just Sheryl traveling solo, check out the video below.

How thoughtful was it of these flight attendants to make the flight a pleasant experience for Sheryl?