Isn’t it funny how you don’t know what you have until it’s gone? Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we all wished we could stay at home all day watching Netflix in our underwear. Now that we’ve done that for a while, we’re all ready to go back to the things we thought we hated: Riding public transportation in rush hour, standing in a crowded bar, smashing into people’s carts at the grocery store…ah, the pre-pandemic life!

Now that people have begun to get the COVID vaccine, it’s been fun to imagine life going back to how it used to be. Here are 15 things people have stated wanting to do once they’re able to get the vaccine.

  1. Cheer On a Favorite Team

    “Go to a game and watch some damn sports!”

  2. Admire Growth

    “See my grandkids.”

  3. Take a Trip

    “Go explore the mountains with friends.”

  4. Hug

    “Get to my mom as fast as I can. Hug her, hug her.”

  5. Be Social

    “Probably lots of gatherings with our big family and friends. Some sort of travel, road trip and camping and reschedule our spring break to Hawaii.”

  6. Pray

    “Go to church!”

  7. Scour Home Décor Sales

    “This is so stupid but I can’t wait to go to Marshalls and casually shop!”

  8. Get Back to the Office And…

    “Water my office plants.”

  9. Have an Empty House Again

    “Send my kids to school!”

  10. Go to the Movies

    “We are going to have an amazing night out to celebrate my husband’s Master’s Degree completion. And I am dying to go see a movie!”

  11. Work Out

    “Can’t believe I’m saying this: Go to the gym.”

  12. Simple Pleasures

    “Go get a scoop of ice cream with my friends!”

  13. Get a Haircut—for Everyone

    “In the immediate term get everyone in our house haircuts.”

  14. Overstay Your Visit

    “Read the newspaper in a coffee shop.”

  15. A Simple Greeting

    “Shake someone’s hand.”


What do you plan to do when quarantine is officially over?