Her Cakes Are Getting a Lot of Attention. Wait Until You See Why!

One of the most popular Instagram accounts in the world doesn’t belong to an actor or a pop star. It’s not the territory of a well-liked athlete, infamous reality star, or even a campaigning politician. No, it belongs to a confectioner from Ufa, Russia named Olga Noskova. Ms. Noskova makes cakes, takes pictures, and shares them, and for doing so she has over half a million followers. Why? Well, just take a look.

Olga is a master of the “mirror glaze” technique of cake decorating, a style becoming more and more popular by the minute. Her creations, though, are truly something else. We’ve seen quite a few glazed cakes, and more than a few incredibly decorated cakes, but Olga’s are on another level entirely.

It’s hard to believe, but before March 2015, Olga wasn’t a professional baker. Looking at how perfect, unique, and outright gorgeous these culinary creations are, it’s hard to believe that baking has been her career for only a little over a year.

Olga doesn’t just stick to one style, either. Though she’s known for the glazing, she also bakes other sweet treats, and her cakes come in all kinds of shapes and designs.

Still, it’s those perfectly-shaped-and-decorated cakes that take our breath away, and Olga is continually updating and playing with designs.

They come in all the colors of the rainbow . . .

. . . and the universe.

There are even some inspired by the Northern Lights.

The insides are as impressive as the outside.

It doesn’t get more gorgeous than this.

We don’t know how anybody can eat something like these cakes without feeling like they’re destroying art— but they do. Lucky.

If you want to see more from Olga – and of course you do! – then be sure to take a look at her Instagram account, her Facebook page, and this article from Buzzfeed.

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Have you ever made – or eaten! – a mirror glaze cake? Are you as fascinated by them as we are, or do you prefer less flashy, more traditional decorations? Which one of Olga’s creations is your favorite?