Why These Newlyweds Skipped the Honeymoon to Hold Another Wedding the Very Next Day

Many couples postpone their weddings until they have enough money saved up to pay for one. It’s also common to postpone or skip a honeymoon for the same reason.

But have you ever heard of anyone postponing their honeymoon so someone else could get married? Newlyweds Alex and Priscila Façanha of Brazil did just that when they organized a large wedding for multiple couples to tie the knot.

While planning their own wedding, the two considered how many other couples were having challenges with meeting the costs for such a big event. They came up with the idea to host a large wedding for those needed a little financial assistance. Oh, and it was the day after their own wedding!

They tossed in some of their funds and raised the rest through donations and raffles to give ten couples the opportunity to get hitched at one time. According to the Daily Mail, the costs were over $46,000, and included the finest of details.

Invitations were created and mailed out on behalf of each couple, and the DJ from the Façanhas wedding donated his time. As many couples know, photographers and videographers can cost a pretty penny, but a group of nineteen didn’t charge a cent for their services.

That’s not it. Wedding dresses, suits, rings, makeup, bouquets, luxury car services, and even dental care were provided for each couple! A party with a full buffet was held at the same venue where Alex and Priscila held theirs.

Volunteers helped organize every aspect of the undertaking and the spirit of generosity was contagious. Priscila and Alex were putting this together at the same time they were handling their own nuptials.

Some might think this was such a sweet thing to do, and oh, what a great memory this will make for so many. But the couple’s plans reach much further than this one time. Hoping to turn this into an annual event, Alex and Priscila have created an organization called Casamenteiroos, which means Matchmakers.

This year, they counted on referrals from family, friends, and others in the community to find couples in need. They aspire to do a huge group wedding once a year for others with the help of volunteers. Love was not only in the air for all these lovebirds, but among those who pitched in.

Arrangements for hair, nails, makeup, and decorations were all coordinated by well-wishing people in the community. Many of the couples had been putting off getting married for years, and were beyond grateful for the kind gesture.

One of the brides said of the special day: “To be given this wedding day as a gift has left me with inexplicable emotions because people who we never knew have helped to make our dreams come true.” Watch the video to see the beautiful pictures, smiles, and goodwill shared on this wedding day for twenty!

What are your thoughts on this couple’s sweet idea? Did you receive help like this for your wedding? Would you volunteer for gesture like this one?