New Zealand Has No Active Coronavirus Cases. Retail, Hospitality, Domestic Travel Back Without Limitations

Here in the United States, the coronavirus has been with us for several months. Safer at home orders throughout the country have caused many of us to experience what it’s like to be at home all day every day – working, educating our kids, probably way too much screen time.

Some places in the country are starting to reopen, like restaurants and non-essential stores, but there are still restrictions in place like reducing the number of people allowed inside and requiring social distancing.

If you’re wondering if things will ever get back to “normal,” New Zealand is giving us hope. The country has gone 17 days without any new coronavirus cases. Nobody in the entire country is currently hospitalized for COVID-19. 

What happens when a country goes more than 2 weeks without any new coronavirus cases? Things get back to normal. All restrictions have been lifted with one exception – international travel.

Watch the video below to hear more about this exciting and hopeful news.


New Zealand took swift action when it came to the coronavirus, which most likely played a part in helping them at least temporarily eliminate the virus from their country. Back in March, when there were only 102 coronavirus cases and no hospitalizations in New Zealand, the country still enforced a strict lockdown, closing schools and all non-essential businesses. They only allowed non-essential workers to leave their homes to get some exercise in their neighborhood.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern sounds especially excited about the results of the strict lockdown. It is definitely good news when events like weddings and domestic travel can resume without any restrictions at all.

It’s important to note that Prime Minister Jacinda Arden realizes that the elimination of the coronavirus from New Zealand is most likely only temporary. However, it is something worth celebrating. During a Facebook Live video, Arden explained how she reacted when hearing the good news for the first time.

“It was very exciting information to hear, so I confess that when I heard that information I did do a — I don’t even know if I could describe it as a dance — some semi-coordinated movement around the lounge.”

How do Kiwi’s feel about the lockdown being lifted? In a word, thankful.

Thank you Jacinda. You’ve made the lockdown and treading through this pandemic a smooth journey! Acknowledging the hard work and sacrifices of everyone involved.”

How are people from around the world reacting to New Zealand’s exciting news? Here’s a comment from Pakistan.

Madam Prime minister You are doing a great job for your people and best wishes for you and new zealand’s nation LOVE from Islamabad Pakistan.”

Here’s a comment from New Zealand’s neighbor, Australia.

“Hi from Melbourne Australia watching NZ and feeling so happy for you all…”