You know those holiday displays that you see in stores this time of year? The ones with the beautifully wrapped prop gifts? If they’ve been giving you visions of all your unwrapped presents dancing in your head, rest assured— you, too, can wrap your gifts like those props.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of help from the internet’s DIY experts. Giving you bow fare, natural wrappings, and embellishments is What’s Up Moms’ Brooke. Take a look at these tips for making store-quality bows and unique gift wrappings.

The Perfect Bow

Image of pretty wrapped gift.WhatsUpMoms


  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Wrapped gift
  • Stapler
  • Embellishments (optional)


  1. Prep It

    Set your wrapped gift on a flat surface.

  2. Measure It

    Measure one piece of ribbon around the width of the box, clipping it where the ends overlap at around 1 inch. Staple it in the middle. This should be the front of your gift box.

  3. Loop It

    To make a bow, grab a new piece of ribbon. With the end between your index finger and thumb, make one loop as if you’re tying a shoe.

  4. Keep Looping

    wrapping bowWhatsUpMoms

    Now, make a loop on the opposite side, and hold the middle of the budding bow between your finger and thumb. Keep making loops until you have 4 on each side.

  5. Place It

    Staple it in the center. Place the bow on top of the stapled part of the ribbon wrapped on the box.

  6. Secure It

    Tie a new piece of ribbon around the bow’s center, and swing the knot under so it’s concealed. Secure your bow with double-sided tape if necessary.


Craft Paper Wrapping

Image of gift wrapped in brown kraft paper.WhatsUpMoms


  • Brown, black, or white craft paper
  • Chalk marker
  • Crayons
  • Twine or decorative string
  • Labels
  • Scissors


  1. Wrap It Up

    Wrap your gift in either brown, white or black craft paper.

  2. String It Up

    With a single uncut piece, tie twine/string around the box lengthwise first, and then width-wise. When you tie the knot, loop the loose end of the string under both pieces resting on the box. Trim it.

  3. Embellish It

    Add a label and attach any embellishments. Brooke used a small piece of pine to accent the brown craft paper.

  4. Chalk It Up

    Image of chalk drawings on black kraft paper.WhatsUpMoms

    For black craft paper, use the chalk marker to draw holiday designs directly on the wrapping. Write holiday messages, too, like “Merry Christmas!”

  5. Color It

    With the white craft paper, Brooke shows how cool it is to decorate the wrapping with crayon – DIY or kidtastic – art.

    Craft paper is very versatile and generally easy to find in brown, as it’s used for shipping and craft projects. If you’re going for a natural colored wrapping paper, it’s perfect. As mentioned in the video, the white and black colors provide the perfect canvas for your homemade artwork and calligraphy (your kids’ too).

    Using elements from nature as embellishments is brilliant, but you can also incorporate other things you have around your home. Think things like candy, faux feathers, or old pieces of costume jewelry. If drawing really isn’t your thing, you can always use a cute rubber stamp to customize your wraps!

Are you close to having your gift wrapping done? Would you try some of these techniques this year? Tell us in the comments.