People Are Struggling to Find the Mouse Among the Squirrels in This Picture

Ah, Gergely Dudás is at it again.

Dudás, also referred to as “Dudlof,” is a children’s book illustrator most famous for his seek-and-find picture games. Similar to the “Where’s Waldo” concept, he basically draws hidden objects into cartoony illustrations and sees how quickly you can find them, offering fun and mindless activities for kids—and if we’re being honest, adults, too.

His work has gone viral several times. First, around Christmas, he hid a Santa Claus among a festive optical illusion, and during Halloween, he had us stumped trying to find a polar bear among a sea of ghosts. And now, with Thanksgiving on the horizon, his most recent brain-teasing creation is full of autumn harvest fun..and it’s even harder than the rest, at least in our opinion.

It’s a photo of tons of adorable squirrels in which just one measly mouse is hidden.

As your eyes dart to all of the squirrels, you’ll probably notice a few quirks about some of them. For example, some have acorns. Some have whole apples or a half-eaten one. There’s one that’s smiling wide, showing off his hilarious pearly white teeth. There’s even one with a top hat and another one giving a flower to another squirrel…

Wait, what were we trying to find again?

Seriously, you can truly spend a lot of time on these puzzles, but that’s the fun of it—just something mindless to do after a long day at work or taking care of the kids.

Okay, your turn! Challenge yourself to find the mouse among all the squirrels in this photo. Here it is again below.

Did you find him? If not, we have a hint for you below, so only scroll if you’re done with your search.

Okay, ready?

Try looking around the top right area the photo. See the only little guy with the round ears vs. pointy ones? That’s our dude!

Don’t worry, it totally took us a solid few minutes of searching before we found him. These brain teasers can be, well, just that: Brain teasers!

To find more puzzles like these, especially when you need a little break, be sure to visit Dudlof’s blog or Instagram. You can truly go down a rabbit hole on these, so just beware!

Tell us: Are you a fan of Dudlof? Were you able to find the mouse in this photo right away? How long did it take you to finally spot him?