We’ve been sharing quite a few brain teasers lately that may or may not have had inspired friendly competition in your circle. If you’re looking to even the score or keep your kiddos busy, here’s another puzzle for ya.

Originally designed as a painting called “Seven Horses”, this piece has turned into a find-and-go-seek puzzle. People are challenging themselves trying to locate the seven horses in the painting.

Created by Grammy-winning artist Jim Warren, this work of art is just one of a large collection that showcases his work. Warren has been utilizing his talents for years and has shared them to create art for Disney, jigsaw puzzles, galleries, and personal collections.

Over the years, some of his works have been found to fool the eyes with optical illusions. Their rich, surreal scenes are enough to draw you in and hold your attention, so much so that you may not even notice there are hidden objects embedded in them.

This majestic, fantastical horse painting is beautiful, isn’t it? But can you spot the seven horses? We bet you had no trouble catching the first four. Of course, smackdab in the center is a gorgeous brown stallion. Score: 1.

Above that one is a horse made of clouds, and in the seafoam, yet another. Add those two points to your list. Shift your eyes to the left and you can make out a horse’s body made of greenery. That’s your four so far, right?

What else do you see? If you can’t come up with anything else, you can always skip through the video below to get the answers. But we’re willing to drop a hint or two for the other three horses in this picture.

Look carefully to the upper right and you’ll see a bird. It’s a bird eye! Seriously, the bird acts as an eye for the horse’s face outlined by leaves. See it? Let’s move on because while you’ve been busy trying find all seven of these, one of them got tired of waiting and decided to trot off.

Yeah, those footprints count as one too! To locate the last and most elusive of these beasts, watch this video for the answer. If you were clever enough to catch all seven horses, we say bravo!

“Seven Horses” is part of Warren’s extensive portfolio and is very similar to two of his other works, “Horses in the Sunshine” and “Seven Dolphins”. If you can’t get enough of this lovely piece and wouldn’t mind staring at it all day, you can find his art available for purchase online.

With this one, it is easy to let our eyes trick us and become distracted by the scenery in the picture. Some of these horses were a lot easier to spot than others. But as puzzles go, we’ll take one from Jim Warren any day.

How long did it take you to spot all seven horses? Did you need to look up the answers? Are you a fan of Jim Warren’s wonderful works?