Summer Just Got a Lot Better Because a Motorized Pool Float Now Exists

One of our favorite ways to relax on a hot summer day is to take a dip in the swimming pool, and what we really mean by that is kicking back in our favorite pool float. Sure, you can use a pool for exercise, but how is that relaxing?

We like a high-quality pool float with room for our feet and a cup holder for something refreshing. While our kids splash and play, we can supervise from the comfort of our floating lounger.

One of the best and worst things about a pool float is that it floats. While we love the feeling of floating on the water, it’s super annoying when the wind keeps pushing us into the shade at the far end of the pool. It’s not very relaxing to have to keep pushing our float back where we want to be.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who find it super annoying to have our fate determined by the direction of the wind when we’re floating in the pool. One company has actually done something about it.

No, they didn’t harness the power of the wind, but they did give their amazing pool float power to move exactly where we want to be.

Meet the Splash Runner Motorized Inflatable Swimming Pool Lounger from PoolCandy. It’s easy to inflate, easy to assemble, and it has two motors with two handles that are as easy to control as a video game controller. You can easily steer yourself around the pool or even the lake. Do 360s. Race a friend in another float. Show the wind who’s boss.

We remember a trip to Hawaii where we were enjoying relaxing in the ocean in a pool float…except that the wind kept pushing us down the coast. We think this float would’ve been incredibly useful.

This isn’t a little float either. It’s built to hold up to 300 pounds while still cruising across the water at maximum speed. It’s 66 inches long by 44 inches wide and has a supportive backrest. It even has a cup holder! Really, it has everything we could want in a pool float.

See just how easy it is to use this incredible float in the video below.

That’s pretty easy to use, right? It’s even easier to buy. You can order it from Amazon with free shipping and free delivery. Now that’s convenient.

What’s your favorite relaxing summer activity? Where would you use PoolCandy’s motorized pool float?