Franzia’s New Mini Boxed Wines Are Here to Make Summer So Much Better

It’s officially spring, but we’re already looking forward to summer. We see pool days and backyard BBQs in our future. We look forward to outdoor concerts and picnics in the park. Know what all of those things have in common? Wine.

Maybe wine isn’t the obvious answer for everyone, but sipping something light and refreshing on a warm summer day or evening is certainly one way we enjoy kicking back and relaxing on the longest days of the year.

The one thing we don’t like about bringing wine to all of our fun outings is figuring out how to safely transport glass wine bottles. Glass isn’t exactly travel-friendly in our cooler bag. So far, we’ve managed to survive without any broken bottles, but we’ve had some close calls. Not to mention that glass is heavy, and if you have leftover wine (let’s be honest; that doesn’t happen very often), it’s nearly impossible getting the cork back in securely.

Our summer plans have been saved because we’ve discovered the answer to our problems. Boxed wine. Hear us out. This is legit wine from a California winery that was started in the early 1900s.

No, we’re not talking about toting around a huge box of wine either. Franzia is releasing 500ml boxes of wine. That’s equivalent to 3 glasses of wine in each little box which will fit perfectly in our cooler bag. These little boxes are called “Little Franz,” and they come in four different flavors.

There’s Rosé, of course, because Rosé is a summer classic as far as we’re concerned. Franzia describes it as “dry and crisp with flavors of red berry and white peach.”

There’s also Chardonnay, which is the perfect complement to an outdoor meal featuring chicken, pasta or seafood.

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, try the Crisp White which has floral aromas and fruit flavors. It’s a medium sweet wine that might be a nice reward after a day spent hiking.

Last but not least, there’s the Pinot Grigio/Colombard. Franzia describes it as “a fresh, light-bodied white wine with citrus flavors and a vibrant finish.” We’ll be sipping this one while we watch fireworks.

These mini boxed wines have a suggested retail price of just $3.49. Not bad for 3 glasses of wine! According to Franzia, starting in April, you should be able to find their wines wherever wine is sold.

Which flavor of wine are you the most excited to try?