We’ve heard multiple stories of people who were hesitant to get vaccinated for Covid-19 changing their minds once they ended up getting the virus and being hospitalized. Doctors explain that some of the patients were misinformed about the vaccine and the virus. Unfortunately, by the time they were hospitalized, it was too late to get vaccinated. Some of them didn’t survive.

Lawrence and Lydia Rodriquez were very involved in their church. They homeschooled their 4 children and were involved in various homeschooling activities. They were loving parents who worked hard to provide for their children. 

Unfortunately, on July 12th, Lawrence and Lydia were both admitted to the hospital with Covid-19. Lydia was immediately admitted to the ICU. Lawrence was doing better initially but eventually took a turn for the worse and joined his wife in the ICU.

As hospital bills piled up, Lydia’s cousin, Dottie Jones created a GoFundMe for the Rodriquez family. She explained that the family didn’t have any income since both parents were in the hospital, but the bills kept coming. She also explained that Lawrence and Lydia both had a slim chance of survival, and if they did survive, it would mean many more months of rehabilitation.

Lawrence passed away from Covid-19 after being hospitalized for 3 weeks. He was not vaccinated for Covid-19 and neither was Lydia. Dottie blames misinformation and vaccine hesitancy for this unfortunate situation. Watch the video below to learn more about this story and to hear what Dottie has to say.

Unfortunately, Lydia has also lost her life to Covid-19. Dottie said that before being intubated, her cousin told her, “Please make sure my children get vaccinated.” Dottie added, “She would be there for her kids right now if she had been vaccinated.”Dottie is heartbroken for her cousin’s four children who are now orphans.

Dottie hopes that this sad but true story can be a warning to others so that hopefully more people will get vaccinated before it’s too late. She said, “This is really happening in our family, and it is the true story of what can happen. I am not trying to scare people. I just want people to understand this virus is real, and this delta variant is more brutal that anything we’ve seen.”