21 of the Most Beautiful Photos of Food We’ve Ever Seen

We love tasty food—but there’s something to be said about aesthetically pleasing food, too. You know, food that’s just, well…beautiful.

If you enjoy looking at beautiful food just as much as we do, then you’re going to love the “Food Porn” subreddit group, where people from all over share their most attractive-looking fare—from entrees to desserts and snacks, our mouths are watering for all of it.

We went through and took our favorites from the bunch. Be sure to scroll around and find yours too!

  1. These Lovely Tarts

  2. This Trippy Donut

  3. This Deer-y Awesome Cake Art

  4. This Zucchini Quiche

  5. This Chocolate Rose

  6. The Periodic Table of Cupcakes

  7. This Perfectly Symmetrical Bread

  8. This French Fry Board

  9. This Piano Cake

  10. This Fake-Looking Flan That Isn’t Fake At All

  11. This Over-The-Top Grazing Board

  12. These Pistachio Bonbons

  13. This Perfect Marble Bread

  14. This Delectable-Looking Sticky Buns

  15. This Chocolate Charcuterie Board

  16. This Droolworthy Berry Cheesecake

  17. This Picture-Perfect Pumpkin Pie

  18. These Insane Looking Cream and Jam Donuts

  19. This Perfectly Toasted Marshmallow

  20. These Pies

  21. This Strawberry Cheesecake in a Cup

How beautiful are these foods?