Mom’s Laundry Room Hack Video Reveals That She’s the Only Person in the House With a Closet

One of the household tasks that seems like it pretty much never ends is doing laundry. Part of the problem is that there are so many steps. First, you have to gather up all the dirty clothes and bring them to the laundry room. Then you have to make sure they’re probably sorted so that a red sock doesn’t turn your white clothes pink. After washing the laundry, then you have to dry the laundry, and then the real fun begins.

In case you couldn’t tell, we were being sarcastic when we said “fun” in the previous sentence. While folding laundry in a perfect Marie Kondo way may be therapeutic, it can take forever, especially if you have a big family and especially if you are the only one who does laundry. That is a lot of folding.

Of course, folding clothes is not the last step in the laundry process. You also have to put them away. Whether you hang your clothes in a closet, tuck them in a dresser or a combination of both, laundry isn’t truly done until the laundry basket is empty and tucked back inside the laundry room for next time.

Can we be honest for a minute? Laundry is hardly ever truly “done.” Usually, by the time the laundry is put away there is more laundry waiting to be washed. It’s an endless cycle.

One mom named Amanda posted her laundry hack in a TikTok video, and as one viewer commented, this is either “passive aggressive or evil genius.”

Amanda is lucky enough that she has a large laundry room in her basement. It is beautifully decorated. We totally have laundry room envy. However, as she walks further inside the room, we notice something unusual.

There are racks of clothes and a large dresser inside the laundry room. Amanda explains that they are her children’s clothes and her husband’s clothes. Since they don’t do laundry, she keeps their clothes in the laundry room where it’s easier for her to put them away. You seriously have to see this for yourself. Watch her video below.

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Many viewers are loving Amanda’s unusual way to put away her family’s laundry. One comment reads, “This is GENIUS. We have a spare room NEXT to our laundry room but this is my new project this winter.”

Another viewer wrote, “Mom of the year!…no…mom of THE CENTURY!”

While not everyone has a home that lends itself to a laundry room setup like this, it certainly is a creative idea, and it turns out that her husband doesn’t even mind his clothes staying in the laundry room. According to one viewer, Amanda’s husband “showers in the basement bathroom and gets dressed right there. I follow her on IG. He said he likes it.”

What do you think of Amanda’s laundry hack? Are you going to try a version of this in your own home? How do you think your family would react if you told them their laundry was going to stay in the laundry room instead of their closets?