Mom Leaves People on TikTok Speechless After Sharing How She Gave Birth to a 14-Pound Baby

The average baby weighs about 7 or 7 and a half pounds at birth, but not all babies come in right at that weight. Remember, this is an average. Some babies weigh more. Others weigh less.

Most newborn babies tip scales at somewhere between 5 pounds 11 ounces and 8 pounds 6 ounces. A baby that weighs less than 5 pounds 8 ounces is considered underweight, while a baby that weighs more than 8 pounds 13 ounces is considered larger than average.

TikTok user @tawnee117 wanted to hear stories about moms who gave birth to babies that are considered larger than average. When TikTok user @shans1588 heard this request, she knew she had to share the story of her second son’s birth.

In her TikTok, @shans1588 shared that she had a c-section at 38 weeks and 1 day into her pregnancy. She also shared that not one but two doctors delivered the baby. Why did it take 2 doctors? Because the baby was so large.

@shans1588 gave birth to a baby boy that weighed just over 14 pounds. She joked that she “gave birth to a toddler.” Watch her TikTok below.

@shans1588##stitch with @tawnee117 ##greenscreen Meet my 14lb .06 oz baby boy!♬ original sound – Shans1588

TikTok viewers agree that @shans1588’s baby was exceptionally large for a newborn. They took her cue when she joked that he looked like a toddler, and they joked about his size as well. Some even joked that he was as big as an adult.

One comment reads, “That baby drove himself home from the hospital.”

Another viewer wrote, “He started college classes the next day.”

Other viewers sympathized with the new mom about how uncomfortable it must have been to give birth to a 14 pound newborn. For example, one TikTok user wrote, “so glad you had a C-SECTION cause your yayo would of tapped out.”

Many viewers commented that they wanted to know what this big baby looks like now, so @shans1588 shared another video with photos of her son from birth all the way through the present time. He is now 5 years old. She wrote that he “is a healthy, stubborn and STRONG 5 year old who loves baseball, football and Monster Trucks.”

@shans1588Our 14 1b .6oz baby boy. J is a healthy, stubborn and STRONG 5 year old who loves baseball, football and Monster Trucks. ##fyp ##bigbaby♬ Proud of You – Five Times August

After watching the updated video, TikTok users think this baby is going to 7 feet tall and a future NFL player.

If you have kids, how much did they weigh when they were born? Do you know anyone who has had an exceptionally big baby?