Most parents choose to start having children when they are in their 20s or 30s. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for women to get pregnant when they are old, but it is definitely less common and generally not as easy.

Parents know that when you have a child, you never stop worrying about them and trying to help them. It can be scary to have someone you love so much and know that there’s no guarantee what tomorrow brings.

Barbara Higgins and her husband Kenny Banzhoff know first hand how hard life can be when something unexpected happens to one of your children. In their case, it was shocking news about their daughter Molly. At just 13 years old, they found out that their daughter had a previously undiagnosed brain tumor. She didn’t live much longer.

We can only imagine how hard it must have been for these parents to cope with the sudden loss of their daughter. For some parents, the idea of having another child might seem overwhelming and too much to take. For Higgins and Banzhoff, it was just what they wanted. Higgins decided to undergo IVF to try to conceive again.

Now for the extremely rare part of this story. Higgins is 57-years-old and she was able to successfully give birth to a baby boy using IVF. Her story is truly inspiring for anyone struggling to have a child. She definitely proves that age is just a number.

Watch the video below to hear what Higgins has to say about having a child when many people would consider her too old.

Would you ever consider having a baby in your 40s or 50s? How old do you think is too old to give birth? Did you even know it was possible for a woman in her 50s to get pregnant and have a successful and easy pregnancy?