If you’re the parent of a toddler, you know that it’s one of the most rewarding jobs ever. The sloppy kisses, the “I love you”s before bed, and how they’re little sponges, doing something new every single day. It’s the best, isn’t it?

Well, until they’re throwing a temper tantrum about a broken toy they want to play with or completely refusing to eat a meal you made for them. Sometimes you might even wonder how THEY would react if YOU did the same things to them. (Can you imagine telling your toddler that their meal is yucky?)

Well, one mom decided to test out this phenomenon on her own toddler—and she didn’t react quite like you might think. In fact, it was almost like she was a little adult, clearly learning from her mother at times when she acted this way.

For example, when Mom threw a fit about a broken toy, the little girl comforted her by saying, “It’s okay,” and went on to help her figure out the toy. She inserted a toy key through a hole in a toy house, showing her mom that it indeed fit.

“This is not broken at all,” she told her. “You’re doing a good job, Mama,” she added, informing her that she was her best friend. Can you even deal with the sweetness?

Next, Mom decides she’s going to drink her cup of water, promptly spilling it all over herself, or trip while holding a bowl of cereal, spilling it all over the floor. “It’s okay,” the little girl told her mom. “You can get new ones if you want.”

The mom even asked the toddler if she could help her pick up the cereal on the floor, and the toddler happily obliged. She even went to help her mom pour a new, clean bowl of cereal, telling her “Don’t spill them again” and to “Be careful.” That’ll show her, little one.

Another mealtime scenario: Mom has one bite of her dinner before pushing it away, exclaiming it’s yucky. Once again, the little girl tries to help her mom enjoy her dinner, telling her she should eat it because “it’s good,” and trying to coax her along by having a bite of her own dinner.

Honestly, it’s some of the most pure and lighthearted content we never knew we needed! Check out the whole video below.


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This mum acts like a toddler in front of her two-year-old daughter and she has the most adorable reactions ️ (@aymie91)

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How sweet is this little girl? What would happen if you acted like your toddler to their face?